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Objective claim

A statement that is not true or false because someone thinks it is true or false.

There is life on Mars.

Subjective claim

A statement that is true or false because someone thinks it is true of false.

Rocky road is the best ice cream flavor.

Deductive argument

Proves or demonstrates a conclusion.

Inductive argument

Supports a conclusion.


If we cannot say with certainty what a phrase includes or excludes.

She was being tortured.


Having more than one meaning.

Jessica is renting her house.


Lack of specificity.

Mike has a pet.

Definition by example

Pointing to, naming, or otherwise identifying one or more examples of the thing to which the term applies.

A mouse is this thing right here.

Definition by synonym

Giving another word or phrase that means the same thing as the term being defined.

Pulsatile means the same thing as throbbing.

Analytical definition

Specifying the features the thing must posses in order for the term being defined to apply to it.