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The performance of a RAID 5 dual processor database server is degrading over
time. Symptoms include excessive disk access, high memory utilization, and slow
responses to database searches.
Which action should be taken to reduce the server's bottleneck
add more RAM
A consulting firm is hired by Certkiller .com in an earthquake-prone area to review
their disaster plan. Review of the disaster recovery plan reveals the following:
1. Offsite backup storage is in a locked fireproof safe, with restricted key access. All tape
backups are stored in this safe.
2. There is a reciprocal agreement with a sister company located two blocks from
Certkiller .com's location to store each other's backup safes. Plans are in place to allow
24-hour access to backups.
3. The selected hot site is 100 miles from the normal business site.
4. A GFS( Grandfather-Father-Son) tape rotation plan is in use.
What changes should be made to the plan?
send tape backups to a more remote facility
A new Nortel switch has recently been installed on the Network. The SNMP (Simple
Network Management Protocol) manager has not seen any information from the
What is the possible cause of this problem?
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protoccol) needs to be configured
Explanation: The MIB and SNMP is part of the firmware.
A biometric access device is used with which security method?
Which of the following is the maximum cable length for Ultra 160?
12 meters
A server was recently installed with all necessary hardware and software.
Before placing the server into service, a(n)_________should be created.
performance baseline
Additional memory is being added on a server.
Which two precautions should be taken to ensure the memory is NOT damaged by
ESD (electrostatic dischange) during the installation process?
wear an antistatic wrist strap

ensure the server is grounded before commencing
The RAM in a server needs to be upgraded. The requirement is to use memory that
is capable of operating at 1200 MHz and can transfer data up to 10.7 GB/sec.
Which type of RAM should be installed on the server?
The RDRAM device is a general purpose high performance memoryd evice
suitable for use in a broadrange of applications including computer memory,
graphics, video, and any other application where high
bandwidth and low latency are required.
The 256/288 Mb RDRAM devices are extremely highspeed
CMOS DRAMs organized as 16M words by 16
or 18 bits. The use of Rambus Signaling Level (RSL)
technology permits 600MHz to 1200 MHz transfer
rates while using conventional system and board
design technologies.
The 256/288 Mb RDRAM devices are offered in a CSP
horizontal package suitable for desktop as well as lowprofile
add-in card and mobile applications.
An external Ultra2 RAID storage unit is to be installed during the setup of a new
Which three actions will likely cause a problem when the external RAID storage
unit is installed?
1.using passive termination on the enclosure
2.connecting the subsystem to the server while it is powered up
3.powering off the RAID subsystem when the server is turned on
A series of replacement servers are installed on a network. SNMP monitoring server
had previously been able to retrieve the statistics from the servers, but is not able to
retrieve statistics from the new servers.
SNMP community strings need to match between the servers and the SNMP
monitoring server.
A server has twelve 72 GB drives configured in a RAID 5 array, with one drive as a
hot spare. It experiences a failure of one of the drives in the array.
Which action should be taken?
ensure the array has completed rebuilding, then replace the failed drive
A UPS is being selected for a remote office. The correct size UPS needs to be
Which formula should be used to determine the load requirements?
Watts = Current x Voltage
Explanation: Power [Watts] = Current x Volts
A server recently had a RAID controller replaced under warranty by the
manufacturer. Since the repair, the system seems to be generating several write
errors, and sometimes does not boot into the operating system.
Which of the following is the MOST effective solution to apply FIRST?
replace the RAID controller, as it is damaged
An engineer installs an SMP (Symmetrical Multi-Processing)-compliant network
operating system on a dual-processor server. The BIOS detects two processors, but
only one processor is recognized by the network operating system.
Which action should the engineer take to enable the SECOND processor?
configure the network operating system kernel for SMP
Users report that the intranet database is slow to respond during peak use times.
The database server is on a small 150-user network and is configured with dual
processors, 512 MB RAM, and a hardware-controlled RAID 5 array with three
drives. The server also provides DNS and DHCP services for the intranet.
Which three are ways to improve server performance?
set processor affinity
B. add a hard drive to the RAID 5 array
C. move the DNS and DHCP services to another server