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What does Mitochondria do?
Breaks down food molecules to make ATP
What is the Endoplasmic Reticulum
it makes lipids, breaks down drugs and other substances and packages up proteins for release from the cell
What is the Vacuole - what does it do?
It is a large compartment (vesicle) that stores water and other liquids. In a plant, when it is out of water, the plant becomes limp.
are special vesicles in animal cells that contain enzymes.
make food using the energy of sunlight
contains the cell's DNA and is the
_ control center of the cell
What is this!
orgons are made of groups of
your is the largest orgon in your body
group of organs that work to do a spacific job
orgaon system
rudolf virchow realized that 1 cell comes from
a euckareotic cell hasdna in the
cell membrain dose not
prevent tear in the cell
what dose the er do
makes lipides
moves different substances in the cell
break down harmfol chemicalls
a chloroplast is an energy-converting organelle formed in _______and ______
Plants and alge
According to one theory, mitochondria and chloroplasts originated as bacteria

T or F
The golgi complex processes, packages, and transports materials sent to it from the _____
ER endoplasmic reticulum
If you look at a cell through a microscope, how can you tell if it is a plant cell or an animal cell
a plant cell has a cell wall and chloroplast and large vacuole