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Who ruled Russia before October 1917 and when? (2)

- Tsar Nicholas II (1894-1917)

- Provisional Government (2nd March 1917 - October 1917)

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Who ruled Russia in 1918 and for how long?

Lenin for 6 years

Who ruled Russia after Lenin's death and for how long?

Stalin, although he did originally rule as part of a trifecta, the other two leaders being Zinoviev and Kamenev. He ruled for 25 years.

Who ruled after Stalin and for how long?

Khrushchev for 9 years

Who ruled after Khrushchev and for how long?

Brezhnev for 18 years

* Or 14 October 1964 - 10 November 1982

Who ruled after Brezhnev and for how long?

Yuri Adropov for two years