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What is the word equation for aerobic respiration?

Glucose + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water (+energy)

What is the word equation for anaerobic respiration in animals?

Glucose → lactic acid (+energy)

What is the word equatiom for anaerobic respiration in plants?

Glucose → ethanol + carbon dioxide (+energy)

How do plants exchange gases by diffusion during the day?

During photosynthesis, there is little CO2 in the leaf, because it gets used up, so CO2 diffuses into of the leaf

Oxygen is the waste product of photosynthesis, some is used for respiration, the rest diffuses out through the stomata

How are leaves are adapted for efficient gas exchange?

1. Large surface area for diffusion

2. Thin, gases only travel a short distance to reach cells where needed

3. Air spaces inside the leaf allow for gases to easily move between cells

4. Stomata allow diffusion in and out

In what order does air move through the body?







What happens when you breath in?

Diaphragm and intercostal muscles relax

Thorax volume increases

Pressure decreases, drawing air in

What happens when you breath out?

Intercostal muscles and diaphragm relax

Thorax volume decreases, forcing air out

How are alveoli specialised for gas exchange?

1. Lots of them - large surface area

2. Permeable walls, only one cell thick - gases don't have far to diffuse

3. Great blood supply to maintain a high concentration gradient

What are the danges od smoking tobacco?

Damages alveoli walls→reducing surface area→emphysema

Carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke→reduces amount of oxygen blood can carry→high blood pressure→damages artery walls→blod clots→coronary heart disease