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Genus and species name of Pigeon
Columbia livia
Genus and species name of Chicken
Gallus domesticus
Genus and species name of Leapard frog
Rana pipens
Genus and species name of Marine Toad
Bufo marinus
Genus and species name of Ferret
Mustela furo
Genus and species name of Cow
Bos taurus
Genus and species name of Goose
Anser Anser
Genus and species name of Bullfrog
Rana catsbianna
Genus and species name of African clawed frog
Xenopus lavis
Genus and species name of Pig
Scrofa domesticus
Genus and species name of Goat
Capra hirus
Two types of exotics are
Cold Blooded
Warm Blooded
Warmblooded animals include
Cold blooded animals include
Genus and species name of Long nosed armadillos (nine banded armadillo)
Dasypus novemcinctus
Genus and species name of white footed deer mice
Peromyscus leucopus
Genus and species name of Cotton rat
Sigmodon hispidus
Genus and species name of meadow vole
Micrcotus pennslyvanicus
Genus name of blind mole rat
Genus and species name of Naked Mole rat
Heterocephalus glaber
Class name for Birds
Animals with nucleated red blood cells are...
Birds and Reptiles
What do birds and reptiles have in common? (5 things)
1. They lay eggs
2. They have scales
3. The arrangement of their internal organs
4. They have nucleated red blood cells
5. Only left ovary and oviduct are functional
Why do chicks die in drafts?
They are polkiothermic for the first three weeks of life, meaning they can't regulate their bodies temperatures.
Genus and species name of Japanese quail
Cotunix japonese
Name of vein used for blood collection
Alar Vein located at birds "elbow"
name 6 diseases birds commonly share
1. Fowl Cholera (Pasteurellosis)
2. Chronic Respiratory Disease
3. Avian chlamydiosis (psittacosis) *ZOONOTIC*
4. Histoplasmosis *ZOONOTIC*
5. Newcastle Disease (Avian Pneumoencephalitis
6. White Lung *ZOONOTIC*
Common ways of euthenasia for birds
IV Sodium pent.
Class name for Reptiles
name 5 things that all reptiles have in common
1.they are all cold blooded
2.they can have "live" young or lay eggs
3.they have scales
4.they require an external heat source
5.they have a cloaca
Name the groups of reptiles
Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Tortoises
there are 2 types of fecal material that snakes produce, describe them
1. normal feces
2. Uric Acid pellets (white/yellow hard chalk like.)
what is Ecdysis?
Shedding of Snakes
what makes a boy snake... a boy snake?
the Hemipens located post anally.
list the common diseases of snakes and lizards. (4 answers)
1. Chronic Respiratory damage
2. Infectious Somatitis (Mouthrot)
3. Residual skin from shedding
4. mites/Skin parasites
4 types of euthenasia commonly used on snakes.
IV Sodium Pent.
Lizards Suborder name
Genus and species name of Green Iguana
iguana iguana
Genus and species name of Anole
Anolis carolienensis
Genus and species name of Alligator
Alligator mississippiensis
What 2 things should you never feed lizards?
Dog Food
What are the methods used to Identify lizards
Toe clipping
Scale Clipping
What is the class name for amphibians?
What are 4 shared characteristics of amphibians?
1. Cold Blooded
2. Breathe with both lungs and skin
3. Spent part of life in water, and other on land
4. Male tympanic membrane is usually larger than females
Common disease of amphibians.
Red Leg: a bacterial infection
Common ways of euthanasia in amphibians. 3 answers
1. IP sodium pent/MS22/Alcohol OD
2. Cooling
3. Decapitation

**In australia, they paint frogs with Gels and paint to kill because the animal can no longer breathe with their skin and CO2 builds up**
Class name for turtles and tortoises.
Common ways to ID turtles and tortoises.
Epoxy paint
scale clipping
common ways to euthanize turtles and tortoises. 3 answers
MS22/Alcohol overdose