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What are the five factors that may influence celebrity worship?





Mental health


Can be seen in all age groups

peaks at 11 to 17 years declining afterwards

During this time teenagers are likely to have a weak sense of identity


Males often have sports stars as their idols

Women entertainment and arts celebrities

Females are more likely to label their worship as intense


Celebrity worshippers do not have cognitive flexibility

therefore are rigid to the point of obsessive

Poor social skills- hinders interpersonal relationships so celebs provide a source of pseudo friends


The less education the greater amount of CW

- McCutcheon et al

Mental Health

Erotamania is a mental health disorder that causes an individual to have illusions that a celebrity has fallen in love with them


Found 3 dimensions of celebrity worship:

Entertainment social (attracted for entertainment value)

Intense personal (develop intensive and compulsive feelings, borderline obsessional)

Borderline pathological (uncontrollable behaviours and fantasies)

2004: found Entertainment social were healthy mentally those in higher categories were prone to mental and physical health disorders.


Pps who scored low on a self esteem questionnaire scored higher after writing an essay on their favourite celebrity

Suggests they assimilated some of the celebrities characteristics into themselves

McCutcheon et al.

Found negative correlation of -0.4 between the amount of education and amount of celebrity worship

Suggests those with less education have a more intense interest in celebrities

Strengths and Weaknessess

+Takes into account Psychodynamic/cognitive/sociological aspects

- Post Hoc models describe the process of CW not where the behaviours came from

-Reliant upon self report- Social desirability

-rather than it being the less educated a person is the more likely they are to 'worship' a celebrity it may be that the more educate they are the more likely they are to understand how negatively society views celebrity worship

Research methodology criticisms

Maltby: Large sample size across a range of ages- a representative sample, can be generalised across the wider population

McCutcheon et al: Study included younger people who may not have finished education 2004 he ignored any ppt under 25 and still found a measurement of -0.32 suggesting education to be an important factor.