The Pros And Cons Of Celebrity Worshipping

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The new age of celebrity worshipping shows the negative impact and positive impact on social media. There’s nothing wrong with showing love to your favorite actress or singer but when it gets to the point of obsession that’s when we as a society needs to change the mindsets of the young generation. People who are overly obsesses with a particular favorite celebrity of theirs can sometimes end up having depression or even anxiety. There’s something good about showing love to your favorite actress, it lets them know that they have many supporters behind them no matter what.
Many young kids are hooked to every word their favorite celebrity is saying or even doing. It’s an addiction that has turned into plague for our world because today celebrities has the biggest hand and platform into making sure our future goes down in good hands. Some experts says that being a feverish fan does not make you dysfunctional but it can increase risks of social dysfunction because you start to depend on a celebrities every move and attention. “The whole Hollywood spin machine works together to create images that are impossible for any of us to live up to”, says
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Why? Because it’s in full effect on social media which is major factor on a social level. You can easily put drugs and celerity worship in the same category because it is danger to America today and years to come. Celebrity worship has started since we were a kid. We dreamed about being Polly pockets and G.I Joe’s that parents weren’t even aware of it. Growing from a kid to teenager is when the situations gets bad and tricky. The Hollywood world has big hand in the trends we wear today. What styles for our hair? What workouts are good for me? Or even the battle of cosmetics. A teenager picking up a magazine of Kylie Jenner fantasying about how they would like to be in her shoes and what they feel they should do to get to that status around their friends or

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