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Primary Memory or Temporary storage stored on the motherboard; falls into the volatile storage media; requires continuous flow of electricity to preserve its contents only when powered on

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is installed on the motherboard in:

memory slots

The average motherboard will have between ______ & _______ memory slots

2 & 4

Most common;

168,184 & 240 pins

Separate electrical contacts on each side of the module

64 bit data path

8 byte wide bus

Printed circuit board (PCB) used as placeholder for memory chips

Used w/ various SDRAM memory types

DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module)

Older technology

Has redundant pins on both sides

32 or 72 pins

32 bit data path

4 Byte Wide Bus

SIMM (Single Inline memory module)

184 pins; resembles DIMM

Designed to work with a continuous signal

All the memory slots on the motherboard must be used

RIMM (Rambus Inline memory module)

The number of bits of data that are transferred in 1 cycle

32 or 64 bit data path

the smallest form of data that the computer reads


8 bits equals:

1 Byte

in order for a program to run it needs to be loaded into what first?


RAM is stored in the motherboard in modules called:


What does RAM require in order to store data?

Constant electrical power

Contains capacitors; has to be refreshed oven

DRAM | Dynamic RAM

Uses transistors, does not need to be refreshed, very expensive

Utilized for cpu cache memory chips

SRAM | static RAM

Memory cache used by the CPU is an example of what RAM type?


True or False:

SRAM is faster than DRAM


Category of DRAM molecules that rely on the signal sent by the system clock in order to coordinate their functioning with other internal PC compliance

Synchronous Dynamic RAM

operated asynchronously with the system clock; slower than the system clock; used as systems primary storage media


Sends double the amount data in each clock signal

Uses the total bandwidth in its label name

184 pins

DDR | double data rate

Uses only the rising edge of the signal to transfer data

SDR | single data rate

succeeded DDR technology, higher bus sleeves and less power than DDR

240 pins


Registered RAM; made to add stability to RAM; adds an extra register btw RAM & memory controller. Storing date before it gets sent to the CPU.

Buffered RAM

Used in servers

RAM used installer devices such as laptops; half the size of regular DIMM's

Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module

Twice as fast as DDR2

Bandwidth of over 12800 MB/s

240 pins

Not interchangeable


Speed of 800 MHz

Only a 2 Byte wide bus

RDRAM (Rambus Dynamic RAM)

dummy RIMM; can be used instead of RIMMS


Requires a pair of identical DIMMS installed on the motherboard allowing the memory controller the ability to communicate with 2 DIMMs simultaneously

Increases the speed of accessing the memory

Dual channel mode

Allows the memory controller the ability to communicate with 3 DIMMs at the same time.

192 bits

Triple channel mode

Single sided vs double sided RAM

Refers to the groups of memory chips that a memory controller accesses.

When the memory controller sees these two groups of memory chips separately

Double sided RAM

When RAM has one group of memory chips, the memory controller an access it as one group.

Faster than double sided RAM

single sided RAM

a group of bits processed as a unit in computer architecture


an equivalent of a period of time between two adjacent signals sent by the system clock

A single clock cycle

The speed of the system bus in modern PCs is measured in:


The speed of the system bus in modern PCs is measured in:


Number of pins used by MicroDIMM DDR2 SDRAM modules:


Can detect and correct errors

ECC type RAM

An extra bit used to store information about the number of bits set to the value of one in a given string of data; possible to detect where the data has been corrupted or not

Parity bit


allows for permanent storage of data

Can read/write one word of data per clock cycle

168 pins


184 contact pins

Reads/writes 2 worlds of data per clock cycle

1 notch on the module contact surface


Reads/writes 4 words of data per clock cycle

1 notch in the module contact surface

240 contact pins


1 notch on the module contact surface

240 contact pins

Reads/writes 8 words of data per clock speed


How man my pins are used by SO-DIMM DDR SDRAM memory modules?


DDR2 SO-DIMM memory modules have:

144 & 200 pins

What is the number of pins used by SO-DIMM DDR3 SDRAM modules?


A memory module form factor commonly used in sub-notebook devices:


How many pins are used by microDIMM DDR SDRAM memory modules?


Type of memory model for extending the capacity of primary storage in laptops