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Which term best describes the process by which the latent image becomes visible?

a. Reticulation

b. Reduction

c. Activation

d. Preservation

B. Reduction

Which of these is the correct processing sequence?

C. Develop, rinse, fix, wash, dry

The basic constituents of the developer solution are?

Reducing Agent




During which step of the processing procedure are the exposed silver halide crystals reduced to metallic silver?


Which ingredient removes the unexposed/undeveloped silver halide crystals from the film emulsion

Sodium Thiosulfate

Which ingredient hardens the emulsion?

Potassium Alum

Chemically the developer used in an automatic processor contains more what than developer used for manual processing?


Each of the following should be considered when setting up an ideal darkroom except one. Which on is it?

a. Black walls




A. Black Walls

Which of the following colors of safelight filters is safe for processing all film speeds?


What is the minimum safe distance to position the safe light above the work area in the dark room?

4ft (1.2M)

What is the appearance of the radiographic image if a film is exposed to a safe light too long?

Which of these is considered a disadvantage of manual processing over automatic processing?

B. Processing time is longer

A thermometer is used for manual processing to determine the temperature of the what?

Developer Solution

Each of the following is necessary and required for manual processing Except one. Which one is the Exception?

a. Thermometer

b. Timer

c. film dryer

d. Film hanger

Film Dryer

What is the ideal temperature for processing film manually?

68 degrees F

A film may be safely exposed to white light for a wet reading after two or three minutes of what?


Each of the following is true regarding rapid film processing except one. Which one is the Exception?

a. Uses a miniature darkroom placed on the counter in the operatory

b. Produces archival (permanent) quality radiographs

c. May use developer that is super heated to high temperature

d. produces a radiograph image in about 1 to 2 minutes

B. Produces archival (permanent) quality radiographs

Each of the following is an advantage of automatic processing over manual processing Except one which one is the exception?

a. less maintence

b. decreased processing time

c. increased capacity for processing

d self-regulation of time and temperature

A. Less maintenance

Replenisher is added to the developer solution to compensate for what?

a. Oxidation

b. loss of volume

c. loss of solution strength

d. all of the above

D. All of the following

Which processing method requires the most maintenance and the strictest adherence to regular replenishment and cleaning?

C. Automatic

Which ingredient causes the emulsion to soften and swell?