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The goal of quality assurance is to achieve maximum diagnostic yield from each radiograph

Quality control means using test to ensure quality

Both statements are TRUE

On- the-job training and continuing education courses contribute to radiographic competence

Competent radiographers are key to a quality assurance program?

Both statements are TRUE

List four objective of quality control

Maintain a high standard of image quality

Identify problems before image quality is compromised

Keep patient and occupational exposures to a minimum

Reduce the occurrence of retake radiographs

The step- wedge can be used to test each of the following Except one. Which one is the Exception?

a. dental x-ray machine output consistency

b. Processing chemistry strength

c. Density and contrast of film

d. Adequacy of the safe-light

D. Adequacy of the safe-light

(coin test)

Each of the following is a quality control test for monitoring the dental x-ray machine except one. Which one is the EXCEPTION?

a. Tube head stability test

b. Coin test

c. Output consistency test

d. Timer, milliamperage, and kilovoltage setting accuracy test

B. Coin test

The use of the coin test will monitor darkroom safe-light conditions

when an image of the coin appears on the radiograph, the safe-light is adequate

First statement is TRUE

Second statement is FALSE

A film processed under ideal conditions and used to compare subsequent radiographic images is a?

a. fresh film

b. fogged film

c. periapical film

d. reference film

D. Reference Film

When the automatic processor is functioning properly, an unexposed film will exit the return chute dry and appear

a. black

b. clear

c. green

d. with the image of a coin

B. Clear

In addition to the dentist, who is responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating a quality assurance plan?

a. dental assistants

b.dental hygienist

c. practice manager

d. All of the above

D. All of the above