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Which of these provides support for the fragile film emulsion?

a. Base

b. adhesive

c. Silver halide Crystals

d. Protective coating


Which of these is light and x-ray sensitive?

a. Lead foil

b. Adhesive

c. Gelatin

d. silver halide crystals

d. Silver Halide Crystals

During x-ray exposure, crystals within the film emulsion become energized with a?

A. Visible image

b. slow image

c. latent image

d. intensified Image

C. Latent Image

What is the function of the lead foil in the film packet?

a. Moisture Protection

b. absorb backscatter radiation

c. Give rigidity to the packet

d. Protect against fluorescence

B. Absorb back scatter radiation

Each of the following can be found on the back side of the intraoral film pack except one. Which one?

a. Film speed

b. Film size

c. Embossed dot location

d. number of films in packet

B. Film Size

Which of these films has the greatest sensitivity to radiation?

a. D speed

b. E speed

c. F speed

C. F speed

A size #4 intraoral film packet would most likely be used to expose?

A. Bitewing Radiograph

b. periapical radiograph

c. occlusal radiagraph

d.pedodontic radiograph

C. Occlusal Radiograph

Which of these projections will the dentist most likely prescribe for evaluation of a specific tooth and its surrounding structures?

a. bitewing

b. periapical

c. Occlusal

d. Panoramic

B. Periapical

Intensifying screens will?

a. Reduce exposure time

b. decrease processing time

c. Increase x-ray intensity

d. increase image detail

A. Reduce exposure time

Which of the following is considered to be a screen film?

a. occlusal

b. periapical

c. bitewing

d. panoramic

D. Panoramic

Which type of film is used to copy a radiograph?

a. Duplicating film

b. screen film

c. Nonscreen film

d. x-ray film

A. Duplicating film

x-ray films should be stored?

a. away from heat and humidity

b. near the source of radiation

c. in the darkroom

d. stacked in columns

A. Away from heat and humidity