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Hanafin v Minister for the Environment
"...the setting aside of a referendum must be regarded as an awesome undertaking." O'Flaherty J
Curtin v Clerk of Dáil Éireann
"The courts are required to act as custodians of the Constitution and as such, to act as a check on the functions of the other two arms of government." Murray CJ
McKenna v An Taoiseach
"...the People...are entitled to be permitted to reach their decision free from unauthorised interference by any of the organs of the State."
David Gywnn-Morgan
"...in McKenna (No.2) (in regard to referenda), the "Supremacy of the Constitution" trumped the separation of powers." Judicial-o-centric: Separation of Powers on the Wane?
"...the courts require that pre-referendum conditions...be tightly controlled in order that the basic requirements and transparency, breeding legitimacy, can be imputed to the referendum results." Ireland's Constitutional Amenability and Europe's Constitutional Ambition: The Lisbon Treaty Referendum in Context
Fox & Murphy
“...the government, running scared and running out of ideas, is making cavalier with the constitution and trying to shift responsibility to the people by offering them single-sentence abortion referenda” Irish Abortion: Seeking Refuge in a Jurisprudence of Doubt and Delegation
Conor Geanly
“Judges can occasionally deliver short cuts on the way to justice, but such advances are always contingent on political consolidation” The Politics of Abortion
A.G. v X
“...the failure by the legislature to enact the appropriate legislation is no longer just unfortunate; it is inexcusable. What are pregnant women to do? What are the parents of a pregnant girl to do? What are doctors to do?” McCarthy J
Airteagal 40.3.3: Gan Reachtaíocht, Gan Réasúin
"...caithfidh an reachtaíocht seo a bheith éifeachtach agus substainteach má tá sé chun fíor-athrú a dhéanamh agus an ceart bunreachtúil... a chur i bhfeidhm seachas béalghrá a thabhairt do." Gary Moloney
A,B&C v Ireland
"...a striking discordance between the theoretical right...and the reality of it's practical applications" ECHR
J.M. Kelly
“...the test tried to achieve the impossible – it expressly equated two rights which, on those rare occasions when they come into conflict, cannot be reconciled”
O'Donoghue v Minister for Health
"...to make the best possible use of his or her inherent and potential capacities, physical, mental and moral, however limited those capacities may be." O'Hanlon J.
Conor O'Mahony
"By holding that the test is not whether a provision is better or best, but whether it is appropriate, MacMenamin J erodes the position... that the education contemplated by Article 42.2 should allow a child to make the best possible use of his capacities." The Right to Education and the "Constitutionally Appropriate" Provision
Sinnott v Minister for Education
"...the age of 18 as advanced by the State has the merit of being the latest at which a person could, with any element of reality, be regarded as a child" Hardiman J
DB v Minister for Justice
It was not their function to make “assessments on the validity of competing claims on national resources”
TD v Minister for Education
"..."clear disregard"...a conscious and deliberate decision by the organ of state to act in breach of its constitutional obligation to other parties, accompanied by bad faith or recklessness." Murray J
Karen Ní Bhuacháin
"Níl ár reachtaÌocht chomh fairsing le reachtaíocht Ceanada áfach, áit go bhfuil prionsabal Offre active ar fáil, a thugann deis don shaoránach a rogha teanga a úsáid." Acht na dTeangacha Oifigiúila COLR
O’Beoláin v Fahy
“I Stát inarb í an Ghaeilge an teanga náisiúnta agus an chéad teanga oifigiúil... is gá na dlíthe a eisiúint, agus... iad a fheidhmiú i ngach ceann de na teangacha oifigiúla.” Hardiman J
Verona Ní Dhrisceoil
“In order for the Act to be effective, the gaps between rhetoric and reality must be bridged.” Irish Language Rights in the Era of Austerity
Séan O'Conaill
"...b'fhéidir go raibh breithiúnas an mhionlaigh Ó Beoláin níos tabhachtaí fós." Áit Nach Sásaíonn Cúpla Focal: Oidhreacht Leanúnach Ó Beoláin v Fahy