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Which is a true statement?

A phlebotomist must use both verbal and non-verbal communication

To achieve quality customer service, the phlebotomist must meet what customer needs?

Know what the customer wants, determine the level of service received, and take action to satisfy the customer.

When two people are communicating, they understand each other when they have a common understanding. This common ground is based on three frames of reference:

Background, education, experience

The phlebotomist who tends to smooth over a conflict is known as an:


Unconscious postures, gestures and facial expressions are known as:


Which is a barrier to communication?

The patient has a hearing impairment. The patient is unconscious. The patient is unable to speak English. ( all of the above)

Which would NOT be a part of patient satisfaction?

Problems phlebotomist has at home

The average person can listen at the rate of approximately_____ words per minute, and can speak at the rate of____ words per minute.

500-600, 100-200

Of the three situations listed, which one is compliant with the anti-kickback law?

Furnishing the physician with the blood collection tubes that are returned to the furnishing laboratory for testing.

The patient is having blood collected and asks the phlebotomist to have a copy of the results sent to a physician who is not listed on the requisition. What should the phlebotomist do?

Call the ordering physician to see if this is permissible

An associate is hired as a phlebotomist and completes the initial training and competency certification. When will the next competency certification be needed?

6 months

To demonstrate competency, a phlebotomist must verify the ability to collect blood samples from what age group?

All age groups

The competency assessment check off form must include what information?

All the steps involved in completing the procedure

In most healthcare facilities a phlebotomist would not be authorized to:

Start an IV

For a phlebotomist to be fully competent, the phlebotomist must be competent in:

Obese patients, different age patience, psychiatric patients.

(All of the above)

That's not my job

This is who can help you

That's not my fault

Let's see what we can do about this

You're right, this stinks

I understand your frustration

Calm down

I'm sorry

I'm busy right now

I'll be with you in just a moment