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Attempted Battery Type of Assault

1) An intent to cause a physical injury (a battery) to the victim, not just an apprehension (frightening) of such an injury.

2) The defendant must have the “present ability” to commit a battery.

3) An attempted battery type of assault can even include the spoken word.

Intent to Frighten Type of Assault

1) Act with threatening conduct

2) Intending to cause a reasonable apprehension (fear)

3) Of an imminent bodily harm to the victim


1) The unlawful

2) Application of force to another

3) Resulting in either bodily injury; or

4) An offensive touching


1) unlawful or corrupt taking;

2) of a fee;

3) by a public officer;

4) under color of his office;

5) where no fee is due; or

6) not so large a fee is due; or

7) the fee is not yet due.


1) making or altering; of

2) a false writing (document)

3) with the intent to defraud

Larceny by Trick

1) obtains possession (NOT TITLE);

2) of the personal property;

3) of another;

4) by means of a false representation or promise; (oral or written)

5) that he knows is false at the time he takes possession; and

6) in the future intends to fraudulently convert the property; and

7) later does.

Malicious Mischief

1) malicious;

2) destruction of, or damage to;

3) property of another


1) A type of injury that permanently rendered the victim less able to fight offensively or defensively;

2) Which is accomplished either by removal of (dismemberment); or by the disablement of some bodily member useful in fighting.


1) carnal knowledge (sexual intercourse);

2) of a woman (not his wife);

3) forcibly and

4) against her will (This included threats and coercion).


1) trespassory;

2) Taking; and

3) carrying away;

4) of the personal (tangible) property;

5) of another;

6) with the intent to steal

7) that the property be taken from the person or presence of the other; and

8) that the taking be accomplished by means of force or putting in fear.


1) offering as genuine;

2) an instrument that may be the subject of forgery and is false;

3) with the intent to defraud.