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What is the primary responsibility of the Breathing Apparatus Safety Team (BAST)?

Rescue of FF that have been trapped injured or reported missing.

What are some reasons the Incident Controller may call upon BAST?

Identify hazards that compromise FF safety

Assist FF

Risk assessment

Develop contingency plan to rescue FF

What must each member of a BAST team be equipped with?

PPE equal or higher

BA with ancillary equipment

Portable radio

Ancillary equipment i.e. door wedges, break and enter gear etc

In addition to standard BA team equipment two person BAST "should" have what 6 pieces of equipment?

Spare SCBA set

Break and enter tools

Hose line protection Case1 or Case 3

M7 resuscitator

FA kit

BA guideline

When will a incident controller make provisions for a BAST

At any operational incident where BA is utilized.

Where should BAST be positioned?

Near BAEO and where they can gather info from incident controller ops officer etc

What are some considerations a BAST should take into account in a dynamic risk assessment?

1 Collapse potential/ structural integrity.

2. Extent and location of area of operations.

3. Location of all crews.

When must a BAST be deployed?

1. Ff lost or trapped

2. Distress call

3. No reply from BA CREW

4. Partial or total structural collapse.

5. Flashover or backdraught overwhelming crews

6 at discretion of incident controller.

When BAST is activated what where possible should other BA crews do?

Assist in the search and rescue of FF 's at risk. Continue Fire suppression where it aids BAST in search and rescue.

Initially at an incident who form the BAST?

Officer and pump operator/BAEO until additional resources arrive

What are some possible pieces of equip that a 4 person BAST can have?

Ladders, stretcher, rescue lines, gas detector, PPV, thermal imaging camera