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Federalism in Preparedness

Strong federal policy & infrastructure needed

National Preparedness Pres. Policy Directive 8

Issued by Obama

Required development of national prep goal

Creation of national preparedness system

National strategy for countering Bioterrism threats & Pres. Policy Directive 2

First major policy statement by Adm. on bio threats

Placed more on prevention than Bush

Implementing recommendation of 9/11 commission Act of 2007

Prepared grants to states & local entities

Improving the incident command system

Improving the sharing of knowledge info across federal level

Pandemic & All-Hazards Preparedness Act of 2006

Made Secretary of HHS the lead person for all public hlth & medical emergencies

Public readiness & emergency Act of 2005

PROB: Bioshield allowed use of countermeasures, worried they would be held liable for negative consequences

SOLN: limits the liability associated with public hlth countermeasures

USA Patriot Act of 2001

Provisions related to acquiring, handling, & transporting dangerous pathogens

Public Hlth. Security & Bio terrism Preparedness response act 2002

National preparedness for bio terrism

stockpile of vaccine

drinking h20 safety

The Project Bioshield Act of 2004

PROB: Bio terrism act 2002 mandated a stock pile of countermeasures

SOLN: Act aimed to make sure gov. funded market for the stock pile of countermeasures

Dept. of Agriculture

Works with agencies to provide assistance in emergencies

Protecting the health of livestock

Dept. of Justice & FBI

Created weapons of mass destruction in 2006

Dept of Defense

Military trained in emergency response & preparedness

Public Health Improvement Act of 2000

Authorizes Secretary of HHS to take appropriate response actions during a public health emergency

Small Pox Emergency personnel Protection Act of 2003

Prob: Bush implemented prog. where military workers vaccine against small pox

SOLN: compensation for medical care, lost, death resulting from SP vaccine

Dept. of Homeland Security

US gov. agency created after 9/11

Created office of hlth affairs

Dept of Health & Human services

Office Assistant secretary for Preparedness Response

Office of Assistant Secretary for Preparedness REsponse

Responsible for preventing, preparing, for and responding to adverse health efforts of publich health emergencies & disasters

Support state and local capacity during emergencies

CDC- Pub. Hlth. Preparedness & Response

Maintain situational awareness of potential threats

Supporting capacity at local & state level

Hosts/Manages stock pile of countermeasures & supplies for pub hlth threats


Focuses on research & development of medical counter measures against radiological, nuclear & chemicals threats (biodefense)


Oversees safety and effectiveness of biological products

Coordinates emergency & crisis response when FDA regulated products are affected