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What do scientists think about the development of grammatical language?

Evolution of language and evolution of brain are intertwined

Uylings study of language development in humans

Sensitivity periods end after neural pruning and neural wiring reaches it's peak.

Best describes language aquisistion device?

Innate and biologically based capacity to aquire language

Most language theorists agree on what?

Aquiring language involves natural abilities. [Modified by language learners environment]

One common way to determine how much of a trait is due to genetic influence is to compare what?

Identical and fraternal twins

Whorf-Sapir hypothesis/languistic determinism?

Language creates thought and vice versa

Languistic Determinism?

Thought affects language and language affects thought

Statement about visual representation

Ability to imagine things that are not there.

Deductive reasoning

Reasoning from general statements of what is know to specific conclusions.

Inductive reasoning.

Drawing conclusions from evidence

Confirmation bias

When people look for what they believe in and reject what they dont believe in.

Elements of successful intelligence?

Analytical, creative, practical


Characteristic of creative intelligence?

Ability to come up with fresh and useful ideas for problem solving

Employer looking through canidates for role of team leaders

Interpersonal intelligence

Gardner and Sternburg did not consider Standford-Binet test to be valid because why

Test only measures verbal, spatial and math forms

Savants have what missing that makes them smart

Corpus collasum

Frontal lobe

Inductive and deductive reasoning


Divergent thinking requires _____ intelligence


What are 3 strats that people use to problem solve

Algorithms, insight and thinking outside the box

Matthew question

Funtiknal fixedness

Stages of creative problem solving?

Preperation, incibation, insight and elaboration

Urge to move towards ones goals


Inherent state of bodily defiency that compels drive


Example of drive?


Maintaining homeostasis is a motivating factor in what

Optimal arousal

Who introduced concept of flow?

Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi

Major motives of living organisms include what

Survival and reproduction

Arrange correct sequence in ascending order for Maslows heirarchy of needs

Physiological, safety, love, esteem and self actualization

Kelly question


Ego operates on ______ principle


People deny their own feelings and direct at others?


Carl Jung, collectibe unconcious mind is made of what


Humanistic movement is now called

Positive psychology

Ability to respect and appreciate another person

Unconditional positive regard

Projective test

Show someone a picture and ask them what they see

Advantage of interview method for personality assesment?

Open ended questions

Hans Eysenck

Corticol arousal