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Approximately how long is a full wake/sleep cycle?

25 hours

pineal gland

releases melatonin at night

affect of damaged SCN on sleep

SCN is suprachiasmatic nucleus

SCN lesion does not affect total sleep time, but tends to cause lots of short sleeps throughout day

what normally keeps our sleep/wake clock on time?

the SCN receives direct input from the retina

why do we sleep - evolutionary explanation

sleep causes us to conserve energy at times when we would be relatively inefficient

horse sleep trick

standing up

dolphin porpoise sleep trick

one half of their brain at a time

Peter Tripp (1959) how long and effect

201 hours, psychosis

Randy Gardener (1964) how long and effect

264 hours, no noticeable negative effects

is sleep deprivation bad?

not inherently no (Randy Gardener)