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What is straight mineral oil

It is the lubricating oil as obtained by fractional distillation of crude oil. It does not have any additives what is ashless dispersant oil 80 oil

What is ashless dispersant oil, (AD)

A mineral lubricating oil containing additives that disperse the contaminants throughout the oil so they will not clump and clog oil passages. There are no ash forming additives in AD oil

What is synthetic oil

A lubricating oil that is made by chemically changing the nature of an oil base to give it the needed characteristics. Synthetic oil is primary oil for turbine engines

Is automotive oil suitable for use in aircraft engines

No, automotive and aviation oil's are formulated for entirely different operating conditions

What is meant by multiviscosity oil

It is a lubricating oil with a viscosity index improver that increases the viscosity of the oil when it is hot and decreases when it is cold

What are six functions of the oil in an aircraft engine

Reduce friction, seals and cushions, removes heat, cleans inside of the engine, protects against corrosion, performs hydraulic action

Where can you find the grade of engine oil specified for a particular aircraft

In the aircraft flight manual or the pilot operating handbook for the aircraft

What components in a reciprocating engine lubrication system must be inspected on a 100 hour or annual inspection

The oil sump or tank, the oil strainer screen, the oil filter, the oil cooler and the temperature control valve, the oil pressure and temperature gauges and any transmitters associated with them, and the entire engine for indication of leaks

What two instruments show the condition of a reciprocating engine lubrication system

Oil pressure and oil temperature gauges

What must be done to an oil filter when it is removed from the engine

It should be cut open and the pleated element examined to determine the type and amount of contaminant carried by the oil

What is a spectrometric oil analysis program

A program in which a sample of oil is taken from the engine at regular intervals and sent to a laboratory, where it is burned in an electrical arc. The resulting the light is analyzed for wave lengths of the element that are present in the oil sample. Traces of aluminum, copper, and iron in the oil indicate wear of the pistons or wrist pin plugs aluminum, cylinder walls or piston rings iron, main bearings or bushings copper. A single sample is meaningless. There must be a single series of samples taken at regular intervals to measure the change in the amount of these metals

What is the purpose of an air – oil separator, or deaerator, in a turbine engine oil tank

In normal operation, the oil picks up a quantity of air and it is whirled as it enters the deaerator. This whirling action releases the air from the oil, and the air is used to pressurize the oil tank

What type of oil quality indicator is used in most aircraft engines

A dipstick that measures the quantity of oil in the tank or sump

When should the engine oil quantity be checked on a turbine engine

As soon as practical after the engine is shut down

Where is the oil temperature measured on a reciprocating engine

Usually at the oil pressure screen before the oil goes into engine passages

How is oil pressure regulated in an aircraft engine

A pressure relief valve senses the desired pressure and sends all of the oil that caused excessive pressure back into the engine sump

Why do engine manufacturers recommend that the engine lubricating oil be changed at specific intervals

The oil picks up the contaminants and carries them through the engine where they can cause wear. It will also becomes acidic and causes corrosion in the engine

What is the purpose of the restricted orifice in the line between the oil pressure gauge and the engine

The restricted fitting helps dampen pulsation in the oil pressure caused by the pump

What is a hot pink lubrication system in a turbojet engine

A lubrication system in which the oil cooler is in the pressure subsystem and the scavenged oil is not cooled before it returns to thank

What is a cold tank lubrication system for a turbojet engine

A lubrication system in which the oil cooler is in the scavenge subsystem, and the scavenged oil is cooled before it is returned to the tank