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birth rate
number of infants born per 1,000 people (specified area during a specified period of time)
death rate
number of people who die per 1,000 people (in a specified area during a specified peirod of time)
infant mortality rate
number of babies who die before the age of 1 per 1,000 live births (in a specified pace during a specified time)
population growth rate
birth-death rate+immigrants-emigrants= population growth rate
life expectance at birth
the age to which a baby born today can expect to live
total fertility rate
average number of babies that women in a specified area are expected to have in their lifetimes
replacement rate
fertility rate of 2.1
GDP per capita
total amount of a nation's production divided by the number of people who live there
to move to another country
moving from another country
net migration rate
numberof people moving to a country- number of people moving out of a country= net migration rate
immigration and emmigration
population density
the number of people living in a specified area ( usually a square mile) - determined by taking the population and dividing it by the size (area)