Expanding Pyramids

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Expanding- The Expanding Pyramid represents developing nations. It has high birth rates, slightly lower death rates in comparison to Early Expanding Pyramids.
Early Expanding-Early Expanding Pyramids have high birth rates, but also have high death rates. The entire population represented doesn’t seem like they have long life expectancies.
Stable- Stable Pyramids represent developed countries. This pyramid has moderate or stable population increases, but has declining birth and death rates. The population has higher life expectancies, which has more of an older population.
Contracting- Contracting Pyramids represents developed countries. This Pyramid is similar to Stable Pyramids, but has a lower birth and death rate. Contracting Pyramids
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Climate can affect population densities in certain places. For example, Dry and cold areas had lower population density in comparison to moist and moderate temperature areas. Areas with rich soils will have a higher density (mainly due to farming. Places with reliable water sources will have a higher density because towns and cities are often built around water sources to provide drinking water for people initially. Areas with a well developed economy will have a higher density. For example, Port cities often have high population density due to ships docking and selling merchandises back before the 20th century, which attracted many people to these port cities. Places that have a lot of disease will have less population density as these people will be killed off, and even if the disease outbreak is in a city, there is more care available to people. Also, ease of access to places or things would also play a role in determining population density. People initially built towns around bodies of water for easier access to water. Now, people build shops, grocery markets, cafes, and so on near places that can be easily accessed by transportation, and this would make it a strong reason why people would want to live in places with good access to transportation. Political factors such as war can also affect population density such as with the slight increase of Germany’s population density due to Syrian …show more content…
There are undocumented births and deaths of people, and also people who evade the government which causes the census unable to account for them in the census data. There are also homeless people who don’t have an address, which makes it hard to account for them. The census would then have to make an estimate based off of some of these things, meaning that the census wouldn’t be 100% accurate, but would still be very accurate for most of these things. Some other limitations may include that people would lie when filling out the census which could possibly skew up the data slightly. In developing nations, the census has a lot more limitations compared to in Canada because of other factors such as census takers unable to reach remote areas, people in slums aren’t counted as they aren’t considered permanent solutions, undocumented births and deaths, etc. This list is a very long one as there are just so many factors as to why the census could have so many limitations in a developing

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