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. Limits to managing the Cabinet

. Cabinet support for the PM is conditional on them being popular and successful - E.g Blair lost popularity and was replaced by Brown due to the Iraq War

. Cabinet resignations (especially senior members) can be very detrimental - E.g when Geoffrey Howe resigned due to being undermined by Thatcher, votes to change the party leader soon followed

. Coalition government or Hung Parliament means controlling the cabinet is much harder for the PM - E.g David Cameron's limitations due to having to discuss legislation with the LibDems

Limits to managing the Cabinet - other examples

. John Major's Rose Garden Speech

. Clare Short resigns in 2003 due to Iraq War, criticising Blair's style and policies- Blair prevents her from resigning within a fortnight of Robin Cook - Shows that the PM has problems

Party leadership

. Party leadership underpins all aspects of PM power - It sets the PM apart from other ministers and gives them leverage over the wider government system

. PM's authority is enhanced over ministers if they are popular with the party - The party focuses on the PM and not other ministers

. Allows the PM to better control Parliament, only if there's a healthy majority

. Grassroots members recognise the party's fortunes are closely linked to the PM's standing - Thus discouraging factionalism and public criticisms of the PM

Limits to party leadership

. As leader, the PM is supposed to deliver electoral success...loyalty is very thin (Theresa May?)

. No PM can survive without the support/backing of their party

. Losing an election - 36 Conservative MPs lost their jobs due to the June snap election

Institutional supports