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Shutter speed control s the amount of time that light reaches the light sensitive surface of your camera


A shutter speed of 1/15 allows twice as much light to reach the camera sensor that 1/30


A shutter speed of 1/1000 will freeze the action of a moving shot mare that 1 sec will


The s or TV mode is a semiautomatic setting which allows you to control the shutter speed while the camera automatically adjusts to apeture to obtain a correct exposure


To prevent blur your shutter speed should be at least twice as fast as your focal length. For example if your lens is at 200mm then you should shoot at 1/400 or faster


What does apeture control

The brightness of the light that reaches the sensor or film/ depth of field

Apeture size is indicated by

Fstop or f number

In photography "blank" are also a unit used to quantify ratios of light exposure with one "blank" meaning a factor of two or one half


What is depth of field

What is sharpest in the picture from near to far

F/16 allows more depth of field than f/4


F11 allow s teice as much light as f8


A 4 sec shutter speed at f5.6 is an equivalent exposure as a 2sec shutter speed at f4


Iso 100 shows more grain than iso 800


A lens set at f 2.8 admits twice as much light as f4


Shooting 5' from subject provides a greater depth of field than from 20' away


Focal length controls

Magnification of the Len s

What is angle of view

The amount of the scene shown on a given size of sensor film

A 300mm lens has a wider angle of view than a 135mm lens


Long lenses compress an image


Why is it a general rule to use a shutter speed twice as fast as your lens focal length

Long lens can be difficult to use for hand held shots because they magnify lens movement

What lens is considered a standard portrait lens


Why should you avoid photographing a person too close when using a short lens

Distance makes features nearest the camera too large and gives an unnatural look to the head

List the four general purposes for photography

Decorative function

To create Strong personal visual image


Record events

Throughout history art has helped us understand the ________ and_______ aspects of past and current cultures

Social, political

Methodical, thoughtful

Visual story


Asking yourself questions such as why you want to photograph something and what action or reaction you want from the viewers are thought process called


Photography isn't simply the act of picking up a camera pointing it at something and pressing the shutter. It is a process of _____ _______ of your own ______ __ _______ overlaid upon the scene

Thoughtful consideration

Own point of view

Good composition helps achieve ____&_____

Meaning and importance

Composition is the means of bringing viewers into your photograph and holding there_____ enough to read your _____ and_____there own_____





What two apecs of good composition are of prime importance

Unified thought


If you concentrate on a ______ ________ your photograph will be _________ it is the equivalent of speaking on a topic without rambling aimlessly

Unified thought


Be aware of your______ and state it_______ clearly


Simply and clearly

Without a _______ ___ ________there will always be ambiguity in the image that cannot be overcome by _______ and _________

Point of view

Simplicity and unity

_____________ ____________ defined good composition as the strongest way of seeing

Edward Weston

A visual representation of even the most complex confusing and inharmonius subject should posses inherent _______ and ________ to achieve maximum effect

Simplicity and unity