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daguerre, still life, 1837

talbot, winter trees reflected in a pond, 1841

anonymous, california forty-niner, 1850

cameron, and enid sang, 1974

cameron, portrait of lord alfred tennyson, 1868

old guy staring off into the distance

anonymous, henry morton stanley and kululu, 1972

lieutenant somerville, new georgian youths, solomon islands, 1893

2 men in traditional clothing

beato, coiffre, 1860

kimbei, woman with parasol, 1890

brady, macabre scene, 1863

gardner, sketchbook of the civil war, gettysburg, 1863

stone wall, dead guy

o'sullivan, harvest of death, gettysburg, pa, 1863

watkins, half dome from glacier point, yosemite, 1866

jackson, grand canyon of the colorado, 1883

o'sullivan, humboldt hot springs, NV, 1868

curtis, in a piegan lodge, 1910

curtis, grinding meal, 1907

schaffer, indian madonna, 1907

matsura, chiliwhist, jim and family, early 1900s