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Transports T3 and T4 on plasma?
Thyroxine binding globulin(TBG), thyroxine binding prealbumin(T4) and albumin(T3 and T4)
Action of TSH on thyroid?
Increases trapping of iodide, increase retrieval of Thyroglobulin, Increase fusion of lysosomes, increases T3 and T4 release
Ratio of T4:T3
4:1 released
20:1 in blood b/c T4 is more protein bound and has longer half life
Alterations in drug transport?
Renal disease: decrease in plasma proteins, Pregnancy increases estrogen: increase plasma proteins, Testosterone and glucocorticoids: decrease TBG levels
T4, for hypothyroidism, several weaks to reach steady state, monitor TSH and T4
T3 for hypothyroidism
T4:T3 4:1
Drug interaction of Levothyroxine?
increased effects of warfarin, TCA, Amiodarone, devrease efficacy by oral contraceptives, rifampicin
Possible hyperthyroid treatment?
Surgery, Radioactive Iodide, Drugs
Thioureylene(thioamides) for hyperthyroid
MOA: Inhibits iodination and coupling
CI: pregnancy
SE: agranulocytosis, granulocytopenia, skin rash
Thioureylene(thioamides) for hyperthyroid
MOA: Inhibits iodination and coupling and blocks T4 to T3
PTU is better for pregnancy
SE: agranulocytosis, granulocytopenia, skin rash
For hyperthyroididm,used with thyroid storm, preoperative treatment
MOA: decreases iodination and hormone release
Radioactive Iodide?
Orally administered, CI: younger than 35 or childbearing age, overtreatment causes hypothyroidism
Beta-blockers(propranolol) effects with hyperparathyroidism?
Treats adverse effects on heart and blocks T4 to T3
Inhibits Deiodination(T4 to T3)
PTU, Beta-blockers, corticosteroids
Symptomes of Thyroid storm?
Heat intolerance, diaphoresis, hyperpyrexia, tachycardia, high output heart failure, arrhythmias....
Causes of Thyrroid storm?
Infection, surgery, trauma, readioactive iodide treatment, pregnancy, drugs, TH ingestion, diabetic ketoacidosis
Treatment for Thyroid storm?
Antipyretics, hydrocortisone(block T4-T3), Beta-blockers, PTU, high doses of iodide, treat heart failure