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Identify Tainos
The people of the
west Indies, in the Caribbean. Friendly to Columbus. Grew Corn, Yams and cotton.
Itentify Herman Cortes
In 1519, 34-year-old Herman Cortes sailed from Cuba against the wishes of the authority of the Spanish governor. With 11 ships, 120 sailors, and 550soldiers he set out to search for slaves, a lucrative business with or without the blessings of the government. His search began on the Yucatan coast and would eventually encompass most of Mexico. However, he hadn’t counted on the ferocious resistance and cunning of the Maya Indians. The fighting was destined to continue for many years—a time of bloodshed and death for many of his men.
Identify Malinche
she who served as the interpreter at the first meetings between Cortes and the representatives of Moctezuma.One of the first and most important female figures in Mexican history
Identify Moctezuma
the last emperor of the Aztecs. Absolute ruler of the one of the world's mightiest powers.
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish conquistador, conqueror of Peru.
Incan Ruler captured by Pizarro and killed despite the Incas paying a huge ransom.
define conquistador
Conquerors,the leaders in the Spanish conquest of America, especially of Mexico and Peru, in the 16th century.
define immunity
resistance to disease
define alliance
a bond or connection between groups.
define cival war
a war fought between groups of people in the same nation. Atahualpa won the throne from his brother in one.
Name four reasons the Spanish were able to conquer Native Americans Empires?
1.Superior Military Technology.
2.Division and discontent among the Indians.
3.Disease brought by the Europeans weakened the natives.
4.Indians believed the destruction of Tenochtitlan signaled the end of the reign of the sun god.
How did divisions within the aztec and incan emires help the Spanish?
The Spanish won allies by playing on old hatreds among rival Indian groups.
How were native americans of the caribbean region affected by their early encounters with Europeans?
The Europeans brought diseases such as smallpox,measles and influenza which the natives had no immunity for. About 90% of the population was wiped out.
What methods did Pizarro use to conquer the Incan empire?
Pizarro captured the ruler Atahualpa, slaughtered thousands of followers, took a huge ransom and then killed Atahualpa.