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What did the prosperity in the north rest upon?
the slavery system of the south
what invention can be indirectly blamed for the rapid growth of cotton and slavery?
the cotton gin
what percentage of great britain's cotton supply came from the south
Before the civil war, government in the south was this _________
oligarchy, government run by the few
in 1860 what fraction of whites in the south did not own slaves
non slaver holding whites were scorned, even by slaves, as poor white trash, ______ and _________
clay eaters, and crackers
how many slaves were in the south by 1860
four millon
the bulk of the increase in slave population came not from imports, but from
natural reproduction
how much was a prime field hand slave work around 1860
the book written by abolitionist harriet beecher stowe portrayed the seperation of families as one of the evils of slavery
uncle toms cabin
Strong willed slaves were sent to who? what did these people do?
breakers who broke the will of the slave mainly by usuing a lash/ whip
The African christian style of preaching is known as _____________
What is one non violent example of how the slaves rebelled against their masters? (5)
they damaged equipment worked as slow as they could
sabotaged equipment
poisen their masters
stole food and products
nat turner
a black preacher who lead an uprising in 1831 and slaughtered sixty virginians, many women and children
who was the first group to arouse the abolitionist sentiment during the revolution
the quakers
what group was frounded in 1817 for the purpose of transporting free blacks to africa?
american colonization society
Theodore Weld
expelled from the land theological seminary for organizing qn eighteen day debate on slavery traveled with others to the north west preaching and wrote the pamphlet american slavery as it is
William Lloyed Garrison
abolitionist who published the liberator
he called for immediate emancipation of slaves
he called for racial equality
he said there should be no compensation for the slaves,
he founded new england anti slavery spcoety
he didnt eat cane or wear cotton
he would not tolerate the posionous weed of slavery and he clamined it needed to be grabbed by the roots
David Walker
black abolitionist who advocated a bloody end to white supremacy
wrote an appeal to the coloed citizens of the world
used fighting and violence to gain freedsom
Soujourner Truth
fought tirlessly for black emancipation and womens rights
aint i a woman
wirjed for the antislavery society
Fredrick Douglass
escaped from the bondage of slavery in 1838 and published an autobiography
self educated
advocate and speaker of the abolitionist movement
Narrative of the life of frederick douglass, 1845 showed the origins of a black slave women and a white father showed about his struggle to read and right and his escape to the north
How is slavery defended as a possitive good?
slavery was supported by the bible abraham and paul had slaves
better off than slaves
the elderly and sick are taken care of
saved them from barbarism
christianized them
master slave relationship is like a family
the myth of the happy slave
the constitution supports it
they were better here than the north they got nessecities and employment
they werent brutes or animals any longer
they helped the national prosperity of the country, export to england from northern trades and
they had a sense of social security
gag resolution
1836 antislavery petitions were quited protects the slave states
free soilers
those who opposed slavery and planned to end it they wanted to protect the west and the newly aquired land
if you dont allow slavery to grow and expand, it will die
What was unique about the slaveholding south?
a small amount of people own a large amount of slaves
a large amount of people own a small amount of lsaves
peeple only had about 4 slaves
only few owned 100 or more
3/4 didnt own slaves at all
why did southerners who did not have slaves, support them?.
for future hopes of owning a slave the american dream, social mobility and supriority
what can the abolitionist movement be traced back to?
the idealism of the revolution
free blacks were
prohibited from rights and were often highjacked back into slavery they couldnt testify against whites in court
white southerners vs. white northerners view
white southernersliked indiviudal blacks and hated the race, northerners hates the indviduals, not the race
why did the population rise to four million
natural reproduction
smuggled slaves
those sold down the river
relationship with masters virginia luxaries
slaves were known as an ____
deep south countries
south carolina, florida, mississippi, alabama, louisiana
explain the conditions in the field
slaves did field labor, they had a slave driver who oversaw them, these people were motivated by the lash, the slaves had no civil or politcal rights denied an educattion because it emporwered slaves
why wouldnt you use a slave breaker
scars dereciate value and make your slave weak
how were slaves resiliant
sustains family rights, often recreated fmailies, maintained cultrual roots, practiced religion, ring dance
two violent rebellions are____
nat turner and denmarck vessey
what was the result of rebellions?
slave coders were tightened because they feared the majority would take over
they feared nullifcation
what were the roots of the movement?
dec of independence was violated
colonial period it was a volation of religious ideal
americans involved in the reform \efforts believed ------
slavery should be abolished
abolitionist movement
a complete and immediate end to slavery
why was the colonization to monrovia a fail
the blacks saw themselves as afircan americans not afircans
Where were antislavery societies more numerous
in the south
why do women become involved in the movement
they feel enslaved by their husbands
reformation movement
they feel they can make advances through the movement
grimke sisters
appeal to the christian women of the south
what are the different divisions of abolitonism
gradual emancipations
participation of women men feel like women could get suffrageracismatctics like gradual or immediatepeaceful or violent
the north doesnt _______ BUT does not believe is
believe in slavery
in equality
why is the north supporters?
economic interest, commerce and trade
how did the cotton gin change americanf
before the gin people thought slavery was dying out because the crop cost did not equal slave cost
why did this change
the cotton gin caused cotton to be the dominant crop in the south
explain how cotton is king
50 of exports supply 50 of the worlds cotton
we supply britain with 75 percent ctton
antebellum south?
what did this do?
made the rich richer and the poor poorer
what did the antebellum do to women and men>?
rich went out and parties that was their southern life
rich men had monopoly
excessive cultivation
buchered the land and the south economic structure became a monopoly there was tempation to overspeculate land
slaves led planters into debt, the plantation system was finacially unstable