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PC§ 186.22
Participation in Criminal Street Gang
PC§ 187
PC§ 191.5
Gross Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated
PC§ 192
Voluntary Manslaughter
PC§ 192.5
Vehicular Manslaughter
PC§ 203
PC§ 205
Aggravated Mayhem
PC§ 206
PC§ 207
PC§ 209.5
Kidnapping for Carjacking
PC§ 210.5
False Imprisonment of a Hostage
PC§ 211
PC§ 215
PC§ 220
Assault with Intent to Commit a Felony
PC§ 236
Definition of False Imprisonment
PC§ 240
Definition of Assault
PC§ 242
Definition of Battery
PC§ 245
Assault with a Deadly Weapon or Force Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury
PC§ 247
Shooting at an Unoccupied Aircraft, Vehicle or Building
PC§ 261
PC§ 261.5
Unlawful Sexual Intercourse
PC§ 262
Spousal Rape
PC§ 269
Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child
PC§ 270
Failure to Provide for Miner Child
PC§ 272
Causing, Encouraging or Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
PC§ 273a
Child Abuse
PC§ 273d
Corporal Injury To Child
PC§ 273.5
Corporal Injury to Spouse, Cohabitant, or Child's Parent
PC§ 277
Definitions of Child Abduction
PC§ 286
PC§ 288
Lewd Act upon a Child
PC§ 288.5
Continual Sexual Abuse of a Child
PC§ 288a
Oral Copulation
PC§ 289
Penetration by Foreign Object
PC§ 290
Sex Offender Registration
PC§ 308
Tobacco Sale to Minors
PC§ 311.3
Sexual Exploitation of Child
PC§ 314
Indecent Exposure
PC§ 368
Elder Abuse; Dependent Adult Abuse
PC§ 374
PC§ 374.3
Unlawful Dumping on Highway
PC§ 374.4
Unlawful Littering on Public or Private Property
PC§ 404
PC§ 406
PC§ 407
Unlawful Assembly
PC§ 415
Disturbing the Peace
PC§ 416
Refusal to Disperse
PC§ 417
Brandishing a Weapon
PC§ 417.3
Brandishing at a Person in a Motor Vehicle
PC§ 417.6
Punishment: Drawing or Exhibiting Firearm or Deadly Weapon
PC§ 417.8
Brandishing a Weapon at Peace Officer
PC§ 418
Forcible Entry
PC§ 422
Terrorist Threats
PC§ 422.55
Hate Crime, Definitions
PC§ 422.56
Hate Crime, Group Associations, Definitions
PC§ 422.57
Hate Crime, Gender, Definition
PC§ 422.6
Violation of Civil Rights
PC§ 422.75
Hate Crime
PC§ 422.77
Violation of Restraining Order, Criminal Penalty
PC§ 451
PC§ 451.5
Aggravated Arson
PC§ 455
Attempted Arson
PC§ 459
Definition of Burglary
PC§ 463
PC§ 466
Possession of Burglars' Tools
PC§ 466.5
Possession of Vehicle Master Keys
PC§ 470
PC§ 475
Possession of a Forged Item
PC§ 476a
Possessing a Non-Sufficient Funds Check
PC§ 484
Petty Theft
PC§ 484e
Possession of Stolen Access Card
PC§ 484f
Forgery of Access Card
PC§ 484g
Fraudulent Use of Access Card
PC§ 484i
Altering an Access Cards
PC§ 485
Theft of Lost Property
PC§ 487
Grand Theft
PC§ 488
Petty Theft
PC§ 496
Receiving Stolen Property
PC§ 498
Theft of Utility Services
PC§ 499b
PC§ 503
PC§ 518
PC§ 529
False Personation
PC§ 530.5
Using Another Person's Identity
PC§ 537
Defrauding an Innkeeper
PC§ 537e
Possession of Property with Serial Numbers Removed
PC§ 550
Insurance Fraud
PC§ 555
Trespassing on Posted Property
PC§ 555.1
Tearing down Trespass Signs
PC§ 555.2
Loitering in Posted Area
PC§ 556
Unlawful Posting of Signs on Public Property
PC§ 588a
Placing Harmful Substance on Public Highway
PC§ 591
Cutting a Utility Line
PC§ 591.5
Destruction of a Wireless Emergency Communication Device
PC§ 593d
Unauthorized Cable Box
PC§ 593e
Unauthorized Cable Connection
PC§ 594
Malicious Mischief; Vandalism
PC§ 594.1
Furnishing Spray Paint to Minor
PC§ 594.2
Possession of Tools to Commit Vandalism or Graffiti
PC§ 597
Cruelty to an Animal
PC§ 597.1
Animal Neglect
PC§ 597.5
Dog Fighting
PC§ 597c
Possession or Training of Fighting Animals
PC§ 597i
Cock Fighting Implements
PC§ 601
Trespass by Threat
PC§ 602
PC§ 602.1
Interfering with Business Operation
PC§ 602.5
Trespass to Residence
PC§ 602.6
Trespass to Public Fairgrounds
PC§ 603
Vandalism of a Dwelling
PC§ 626.2
Trespass to School after Suspension
PC§ 626.7
Disruption of Public School Campus
PC§ 626.8
Disruptive Presence at School
PC§ 626.85
Drug Offender Entering School
PC§ 626.9
Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995
PC§ 632
PC§ 634
Trespass for Wiretapping
PC§ 635
Possession of Eavesdropping Device
PC§ 636.5
Interceptions of Police Radio Communication
PC§ 640.5
Graffiti on Government Property
PC§ 640.6
Graffiti Vandalism
PC§ 640.7
Vandalism of Highway Property
PC§ 640.8
Graffiti on a Freeway
PC§ 646.9
PC§ 647
Definition of "Disorderly Conduct"
PC§ 647.6
Child Annoying
PC§ 647c
Obstructing Public Place
PC§ 647e
Possession of Open Container in Posted Premises
PC§ 653k
Possession of Switchblade Knife
PC§ 653x
Annoying 911 Calls
PC§ 653y
Non Emergency 911 Telephone Calls
PC§ 653.20
Loitering to Commit Prostitution
PC§ 664
PC§ 666
Petty Theft with a Prior
PC§ 666.5
Vehicle Theft with a Prior
PC§ 666.7
Sentence Enhancements
PC§ 667
Serious Felony Enhancement
PC§ 674
Sex Offense by Day Care Provider
PC§ 727
Failure to Disperse
PC§ 837
Private Person Arrest
PC§ 840
Time of Arrest (0600-2200)
PC§ 853.6
Arrest and Release for Misdemeanor
PC§ 12001.1
Manufacture or Sale of Undetectable Knife
PC§ 12001.5
Possession of Short-Barreled Shotgun or Rifle
PC§ 12001.6
Violent Use of Firearm
PC§ 12020
Possession of a Deadly Weapon
PC§ 12021
Possession of Firearm by a Felon
PC§ 12021.1
Possession of Firearm with Prior Conviction
PC§ 12021.5
Possession of Firearm by Street Gang Member
PC§ 12022.3
Firearm Possession During Sex Offense
PC§ 12022.5
Personal Use of Firearm
PC§ 12022.53
Use or Discharge of Firearms Enhancement for Violent Felonies
PC§ 12022.55
Discharge of Firearm from Vehicle Causing GBI or Death
PC§ 12022.6
Excessive Damage to Property During Commission of Felony
PC§ 12022.7
Personal Infliction of GBI
PC§ 12022.8
Great Bodily Injury to Victim of Sex Offense
PC§ 12022.85
Sex Crime with AIDS
PC§ 12023
Armed Criminal Action; Possession Loaded Firearm with Intent to Commit a Felony
PC§ 12024
Possession of Deadly Weapon with Intent to Assault
PC§ 12025
Carrying Concealed Firearm
PC§ 12028.5
Temporary Taking of Weapon at Domestic Violence Scene
PC§ 12031
Carrying a Loaded Firearm
PC§ 12034
Driver Permitting Firearm in Vehicle
PC§ 12035
Criminal Storage of a Firearm
PC§ 12040
Criminal Possession of Firearm
PC§ 12072
Unlawful Sale of Firearm
PC§ 12090
Altering Identification Mark on Firearm
PC§ 12094
Possession of Firearm with Altered Identification Mark
PC§ 12101
Minor Possessing Concealable Firearm or Ammunition
PC§ 12220
Possession of a Machine Gun
PC§ 12303
Possession of Destructive Device
PC§ 12355
Placing a Boobytrap
PC§ 12370
Felon in Possession of Body Armor
PC§ 12403.8
Possession of Tear Gas by Minor
PC§ 12520
Unlawful Possession of Silencer
PC§ 12590
Unlawful Picketing