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What is a hemangioma?

Benign tumor comprised of blood vessels.
Benign tumor comprised of blood vessels.
Hemangioma commonly presents when?
At birth.
What is the treatment of hemangioma?
None, it usually regresses during childhood.
Hemangioma MC involves what two organs?
Skin and liver
What is an angiosarcoma?
Malignant proliferation of endothelial cells, highly aggressive.
Common sites of angiosarcoma include?
(1) Skin
(2) Breast
(3) Liver
Angiosarcoma is associated with exposure to what three chemicals?
(1) Polyvinyl chloride
(2) Arsenic
(3) Thorotrast (thorium dioxide)
What is Kaposi's sarcoma?
Low-grade malignant proliferation of endothelial cells; associated with HHV-8.
How does Kaposi's sarcoma present?
Presents as purple patches, plaques, and nodules on the skin may also involve visceral organs.