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(n.) His attempt abandonment made his wife sad.

(v.) Somchai abandones himself to despair.


(n.) I do not doubt your ability to do the work.

(adj.) She is an able lawyer.

(adj.) The boy was able to return home

(adj.) He is unable to do this work.


(adv.) Murder is soon abroad. He often goes abroad.

(adv.) There is a rumor abroad.


(adj) I have absolute trust in you.

(adv.) It's absolutely impossible to do the work.


(v.) Dry sand absorbs water.

(v.) When I reached home, I found my brother absorbed in studies.


(n.) It was a complete abuse of trust.

(v.) She showered abuse on him.


(n.) Debate is an academic game between affirmative and the negative

(adj.) She wasn't very academic and hated school.


(v.) He asked her to marry him and she accepted him.

(adj.) His proposal is acceptable to her.

(adj.) Some of her ideas were unacceptable to other people.


(n.) The police gained access through a broken window.

(n.) You need a password to get access to the computer system.

(n.) Many divorced fathers only have access to their children at weekends


(n.) One in seven accidents is caused by sleepy drivers.

(n.) It is no accident that men fill most of the top jobs in nursing.

(adj.) I didn't think our meeting was accidental. He must have known I would be there.

(adv.) As I turned around, I accidentally hit him in the face.


(n.) Wanted, accommodation for a married couple.

(n.) More and more travelers are looking for bed and breakfast accommodations in private homes.

(n.) The two countries should be persuaded to work towards some sort of mutual accommodation.

(v.) This house can accommodate twenty people.


(v.) The groups are always accompanied by an experienced mountain guide.

(v.) Strong winds accompanied by heavy rain

(v.) The singer was accompanied on the piano by her sister.

according to

(prep.) They built the house according to plan.

(prep.) I completed the job according to you instructions.

account for

(phrv.) Can you account for the fall of the Baht.

(phrv.) You will have to account for your negligence.

(phrv.) The Japanese market accounts for 35% of the company's revenue.


(n.) Clocks in railway stations are in accuracy.

(adj.) The police are trying to obtain a more accurate picture of crime levels

(adj.) Jill is a cashier, so she must be accurate.

(adv.) They do their work accurately.


(n.) He is under an accusation of theft.

(v.) She accused him of lying.


(v.) She is widely acknowledged as the best player in the world.

(v.) He would not acknowledge his mistake.

(v.) We have had no acknowledge of our letter.

(v.) He is always ready to acknowledge his debt to his teachers.


(n.) He was the acquirement of a reputation for honesty.

(v.) She acquires a good knowledge of English.

(v.) How did the gallery come to acquire so many Picassos?