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What is the period called the Renaissance? Who are the important rulers during this period in Spain?

The Renaissance began in the 14th century in Italy and said spread to other European countries. Renaissance means rebirth it was a cultural trends that thrived and renewed interest in the classic Greeks and Romans, in the literature, and philosophy, and in their art and architecture.

The important rulers of this time in Spain are Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand who are married or 1469, thus uniting most of the Spanish Peninsula under the rule of one in creating the first modern nation of Western Europe. Other important role as of this time were Charles the fifth who was son of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. And lastly Philip the second was the son of Charles the fifth.

List the four important events that happened in 1492.

1. The Moors were defeated in Granada

2. Jews were expelled from Spain

3. Columbus set sailed to the Americas

4. First Spanish Grammar

What is the Escorial?

Philip the second built one of Spain's most famous buildings between 1575 to 1581 EL Escorial. The in Norma's structure was that once a palace, monastery, center for government, school, and royal cemetery. It was built in northern Madrid.

Who is Antonio de Nebrija? What is the significance of the book grammatical of the Spanish language, 1492.?

he was a professor at the University of Salamanca in Spain and wrote the first grammar book of the romance language and personally gave a copy to Isabella. The significance of this book was that it sought to teach the Spanish-language to the common people.

Who is Miguel the Cervantes?

he was a Spanish playwright poet and novelist. He wrote Don Quixote.

Why is Don Quixote Still being read today?

it'll still be in rent today because it was the first real novel ever written. The story is about doing right and wrong which serves as a mold to live.

Why has this novel inspired so many invitations and Western European literature.?

It has inspired so many invitations because it was the first real novel about keeping chivalry are alive and the contrast of wrong and right. Another reason is because the main character is visualized as the most famous dreamer.

WHat is Lazarillo de Tormes about?

It is very similar to Don Quixote except that in Lazarillo the squire is pennyless. Lazarillo's master is obsesses with his public appearance and defies his self image from what others say.

What is the natural instrument of Spain?

The guitar.