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What do we mean by culture?

Culture refers to how we relate to each other in a community, including our common language foods, arts,believes, religions,gender relations, and history.

what do the words Latino or Hispanic mean?

latino would be simply a person living in the US who speak Spanish or have them and sensor that spoke Spanish.

latino or Hispanic our cover terms, or terms that, like an umbrella, attempt to incorporate many different families in one brought category.

to what principle continents do we return to uncover Latino roots?

Europe, Africa, North and Central America,.

Why is knowing the geography of Spain I bring peninsula key to understanding its first people in history,?

it is important to know the geography of Spain so that you could see where these people migrated from

What's in the cave of alta Mira? Where are the caves? Why are they significant?

It contains over 150 paintings of large animals, such as bison, dear and horses.

The caves are located near the Canterbury I am mountains we turn northern Spain near San tender

ancient cave painters to pick to the animals realistically both in motion and in resting positions. This is why they were significant.

Who is the dama del elche and what cultures does she represent?

She represents Greek roots and Celtic Iberian roots. The Dama is a sculpture that dates back to 500 BC.

Which peoples of ancient Spain came to the Iberian Peninsula principally to trade, living on the Mediterranean coast, and which peoples migrated there to settle, mostly in the interior?

The ones that lived on the Mediterranean coast or the Greeks in 600 BC in the carthaganiansin 200 BC

The interior of Spain from about 100 BC to the times of the Romans 100 BC was settled by the celts and the Iberians; when the two large immigrations of Celtic peoples arrived from Western Europe around 900 and 600 BC, they encountered the Iberians these two cultures intermarried and became known as the Celt iberian culture of Spain.

Of all the ancient peoples of the Iberian Peninsula, which was the most important to later Spanish culture?

The Romans. They were important to ancient culture because they introduced language and an infrastructure.

What happen in the city of Numantia?

The city of numancia was defended by the celtiberians fiercely for 20 years and only surrendered when the inhabitants kill themselves. The city was the last city that the Romans had to take before they can consider the state of Spain for themselves and that's why was significant.