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Morrison 1Kristen MorrisonDean FeldmanIntro to Humanities2 April 2016Miguel Cervantes’s Don QuixoteThe Spanish baroque period took place near the end of the sixteenth century. At thistime, the picaresque novel was being written by Miguel Cervantes. Picaresque meaning, aSpanish novel involving adventures of a rough and dishonest, but appealing hero. This novel,Don Quixote, may be referred as the very first great modern novel. However, according toHenry M. Sayre, in his book, Discovering the Humanities, “the first book that introducedpicaresque tradition was Lazarillo de Tormes” (Sayre 324). The book was banned because of itscomedy towards the Catholic Church and was put on a list of forbidden books. MiguelCervantes had a very interesting life, …show more content…
Miguel Cervantes may be implying that the second book was writtenbecause of other authors trying to take over his work. In this book by a different author, DonQuixote’s adventures may have been not descriptive enough to Miguel Cervantes. If it wasn’tfor that anonymous author, the story of Don Quixote may have never ended. After all, it seemsthat if the other author didn’t try to mimic Miguel Cervantes’s work, it would not have pushedhim to write the second novel. Unfortunately, Don Quixote dies in the second novel. In the end,he calls himself irrational for going on those knightly quests.Lastly, Don Quixote apparently has been a wonderful example back in the seventeenthcentury of what a great modern novel should look like because it was been further extended bymany other authors. This book has also be turned into several plays and countless number ofpaintings and illustrations from many different scenes of the novel. Think about how descriptiveMiguel Cervantes was about Don Quixote, even Pablo Picasso painted a portrait of Don Quixoteand Sancho Panza in 1955 and the pair could easily be distinguished. These images came to themind of the artists because of Miguel Cervantes’ vivid description of what was taking place inthe …show more content…
Don Quixote is still being read in classrooms today.
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