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What are the most dangerous operations involving small boats
launching and retrieval
Can the Navy's small boats be used for emergency evacuation
All the small boats can be used for emergency evacuation.
What makes launch and retrieval so dangerous
human error and mechanical failure of boat davits and launching/retrieval machinery can occur,and when weather and sea state can have its worst effects.
What are the contracts for liberty boats and water taxis good for?
contracts for these services shall specify a minimum level of safety and seaworthiness that will be inspect-able by an knowledgeable officer
What are the precautions for launching and retrieval
a. Never Engage a crank when hoisting motor is energized.
b. Inspect all equipment
c. Conduct an operations and safety briefing.
d. Conduct a boat inspection
e. Keep non-essential personnel away from the davit area.
f. Prepare davit to raise/lower the boat.
g. Notify the bridge and raise/lower the boat slowly when cleared.
h. Only permit those persons actually required to be in the boat during lowering or hoisting operations,and they shall hold on to the man-ropes when provided.
i. Release the stern hook first when launching from a two point lift.
j. Do not launch a boat when own ship's is greater than 5 knots.
k. Do not hoist boats aboard ship or lower with water in the bilge in excess of that which the installed bilge pumps would normally remove.
l. properly secure lifting hook bails before a boat is raised or lowered
m. Be alert for any possible malfunctioning and act quickly if it occurs.
n. When hoisting a whaleboat with survivors embarked, only three crew members are required to be aboard: bow-hook, stern-hook, and coxswain.
o. Before raising or lowering a boat,ensure all slings,bale shackles, and pins are seated and seized.
Precautions for Small boat fueling
a. If possible, fuel boats in the daytime and while it is in the water with its engine stopped.
b. If necessary to fuel in its shipboard stowage, provide adequate fire fighting equipment at the scene.
c. Do Not fuel boats with passengers on board.
d. Prior to fueling, make a grounding connection between the fuel delivery pump and the fuel tank for gasoline propelled boats.
e. Always keep gas cap in place when not fueling.
f. Only personnel specifically authorized by the ships engineer officer shall fuel small boats.
g. Do not permit smoking or use of non-explosion-poof lights in the vicinity of small boats while fueling operations are in progress.
h. Before starting the engine, inspect compartments and bilges, clean, and ventilate as necessary.
i. Ensure gasoline is stowed only in approved fuel containers
What are some Operational Boat Safety
a. Know and obey the "Rules of the Road"
b. Always post a bow lookout while underway
c. Do not cut close to ships anchored or tied up, except when it can not be avoided.
d. Boat Capacity -
Never exceed the designated personnel carrying capacity.
e. Always display proper lights while underway at night
f. Do not use gasoline to clean the engine or its parts
g. Keep bilges and sumps dry.
h. Prohibit smoking or open flames
i. Never start the engine if excessive vapors are present
j. Use PQS qualified boat officers in foul weather or reduced visibility or for long duration trips
k. Do not operate the boat with a defective bilge pump
l. Never open the bow ramp of a landing craft while underway.
m. Ensure boats carry proper fog signaling equipment
n. Ensure proper charging small boat batteries
o. Ensure boat crew members wear authorized life jackets.
p. Run boats dead slow when passing other boats that are alongside ships or landings
q. Never allow the number of personnel in the boat to exceed the number of life jackets available.
r. Do not operate boats with enclosed engine rooms without the engineer being on board and on station.
s. Ensure that boat fire extinguishers are in place and charged
t. Ensure that life jackets are always kept dry
u. Inspect the electrical system
v. Use lights between sunset and sunrise
w. Ensure shackles and pins are used with anchors
x. Boat Handling System -
Be sure winch and davit safety and operating placards, lubrication charts, and test label plates are posted.
y. Ensure that only qualified swimmers are assigned as boat crew members
Contract Liberty Boat Safety
Co shall ensure Contractor understand that contract liberty boats must be manned properly
It is impractical to establish detailed specifications for each and every inspection item. Inspectors must use their judgment and experience when advising the CO
Any item missing that is critical to safety may be provided by the commanding officer for the duration of the contract boat services.
Assign boat officers to the contract water taxis during hours of darkness
Boat officers have the authority to not allow boarding when the water taxi's crew performance and navigation are unsatisfactory.