Ship Grounding Essay

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Captain’s Mistake: A Fully loaded Tanker Vessel on the date 16th of February ran aground in the area Kurilsk, Kuril Islands
Ship grounding is one of the most familiar type of marine accident. Where the ship’s hull crushes on the ocean bed and damages the coral’s reef. It affects the local communities and nearby areas. Ships grounding affects the ships structure, the hull may suffer a severe casualty. This could also lead to Oil spillage, Cargo leakage has a great effect on the marine ecosystem this can affect the livelihood of the many
Marine accidents including ship grounding can prove to be catastrophic not only crews on board but around the surrounding area also. Run over, collisions,
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Having a bad weather during docking is a big problem. The bridge team should have check the weather at least, if not they should prepare themselves for the storm.”-
According to Able Bodied Seaman Coronation, Ramilin “regards to the issue of safety and practices on board the vessel. There are many things to things to considered in terms about safety. Officers and crew have a lack of coordination and communication when or during the incident. The captain should execute exercise weekly to ensure the preparedness of the crew.”
According to Chief mate Masmaran, Lenio “The Tanker Karakumneft planned to suspend offloading and leave the oil terminal due to oncoming storm. there is a high possibility of getting aground if they wouldn't be able to leave early. Unfortunately, they are anchored and the captain chose to heave the anchor which is very much time consuming in a very time-sensitive situation. While heaving, wind and waves pushed the vessel to the rocks so they ran aground. If they let go of the anchor together with its chains, they would probably left early and prevented the possibility of getting
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The captain must have considered that they are sailing with full load therefore their draft must be high, and he should also consider what kind of sea they are taking in order to assess whether running aground may happen. There were two factors that have affected the situation which led to running aground of MV Karakumneft. Firstly, the crew must consider the weather, granted that there is a storm coming; they must have considered that there will be strong winds before leaving. And second, the captain knew that they were being pushed by the swells and winds but still insisted on heaving the anchor which is said to be a mistake. There should have been something that can restrain the movement of the ship but because of heaving the chain, it enhances the rate of drifting which resulted to grounding. This accident is more sensitive than we actually thought considering that the vessel is a tanker vessel which carries oil. Nowadays, oil spills or leaks are the top incidents which should be prevented on board. It does not only have high cost of money but it also affects the marine environment. They did not only violate the rules at the sea but they have also damaged the environment of sea creatures which can also suffer due to the oil

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