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one who uses devious tactics to compel others to act, do, or think a certain way
*He is what we call a 'manipulator', Miss Flinn, a man who will use everyone and everything to his own ends
term used by the patients to represent life within the ward
*Under her rule the Inside is almost completely adjusted to surroundings.
term used by the patients to represent life beyond the ward
*She's got to spend some time Outside. So she works with an eye to adjusting the Outside world too.
a tube inserted into the body to remove liquids; most often urine
*Catheters are second-hand condoms the ends clipped off and rubber-banded to tubes that run down pantlegs to a plastic sack marked DISPOSABLE NOT TO BE RE_USED, which is my job to wash out at the end of each day.
Indwelling Curiosity Cutout
a device placed inside the head of the patients to limits their curiosity that prevents act outs
*We got to install an Indwelling Curiosity Cutout in some nosy booger.
The Combine
an organization that implants machines and devices into the patients heads in order to control and convert them to conform
*Working alongside others like her who I call the "Combine", which is a huge organization that aims to adjust the Outside as well as she has the Inside, has made her a real veteran at adjusting things.
The Chronics
patients who are considered incurable
*Chronic:sit on your side and wait for puzzles from the Red cross box.
The Wheelers
chronic patients who remain in wheelchairs
*The Wheelers swing dead log legs out on the floor and wait like seated statues for somebody to roll chairs in to them.
The Vegetables
chronic patients who are mostly brain dead
*The Vegetables piss the bed, activating an electric shock and buzzer, rolls them off on the tile where the black boys can hose them down and get them in clean greens.
a success patient who is recovered and released
* A successful Dismissal like this is a product brings joy to the Big Nurse's heart and speaks good of her craft and the whole industry in general.
Therapeutic Community
how a guy has to learn to get along in a group before he'll be able to function in a normal society; how the group can help the guy by showing him where he's out of place; how society is what decides who's sane and who isn't, so you got to measure up
*Therapeutic Community is a democratic ward, run completely by the patients and their votes, working toward making worthwhile citizens to turn back Outside onto the street.
peckin' party
a situation in which chickens see blood on another chicken and start pecking at it like crazy until they’re all bloody, pecking at each other in a frenzy, and end up killing each other
*Oh, a peckin' party can wipe out the whole flock in a matter of a few hours, buddy, I seen it.