Mcmurphy Is Insane

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One question that has been asked many times is “can we distinguish the sane from the insane?” and what are the treatments and conditions in mental hospitals. This specific question was addressed in Rosanhan’s On Being Same in Insane Places, Spitzer’s On pseudoscience in science, logic in remission, and psychiatric diagnosis: A critique of Rosenhan 's "On being sane in insane places” and in a more indirect fashion in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Both Spitzer’s and Rosanhan’s studies provide arguments which are supported in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, making it hard to determine whether the sane can be distinguished from the insane. This essay aims to investigate this never ending question and prove, that the sane can not be distinguished …show more content…
At one point while talking with the psychiatrists about McMurphy she comments, “it 's just one more way of passing on our problem to somebody else” when they suggest sending him back to the work farm. In this way it seems that Nurse Ratched believes McMurphy is insane and is not just trying to get rid of him as the psychiatrists are. For indeed, if Nurse Ratched believed that McMurphy was sane, she would have sent him away to keep the other patients from the danger that McMurphy seems to be to them. In reality the entire time, McMurphy was just trying to push the boundries and was trying to make Nurse Ratchet brake. So since McMurphy was sane, but Nurse Ratched and perhaps the psychiatrist believed that he was insane, this would support the idea that the sane can not me distinguished from the …show more content…
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest displays very similar features and interactions as described by Rosenhan. Rosenhan states that there were “glassed quarters that contain the professional staff, which the pseudopatients came to call “the cage,” sit out on every dayroom” , this is clearly seen many times throughout One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The nurses would watch the patients from behind the glass; on one occasion, McMurphy went into the nurse’s station to turn down the music, as soon as the nurses saw him in there, they quickly escorted him out saying that they would talk to him when he was outside . This evident with McMurphy, truly demonstrates how defined the patient-staff segregation was within mental

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