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Where is the Diamond District?
47th St, between 5th & 6th Avenues
What is unusual about the diamond trade?
There are no contracts only handshakes
Prior to its present location where was the Diamond District?
Canal Street
Where are the great works of Picasso found?
Gagosian Gallery - which has 3 locations in NYC and numerous worldwide
Where does the NY ballet Perform the Nutcracker Suite during Christmas time?
David H Koch Theater - formerly the NY State Theater - which is part of the Lincoln Center for performing Arts
What book did photographer/reformer Jacob Riis write?
"How the Other Half Lives" that was a look at impoverished life in the tenement houses that motivated social reform
Who was Elizabeth Ann Seton?
The first American born saint in the US & NY
Where is the Shrine of St. Elizabeth ann Seton located?
7 State St facing Battery Park
Why was she canonized?
Helped establish the Catholic Church and schools in the US
What are the addresses of:
Madison Square Garden?
Grand Central Station?
Times Square?
Madison Square Garden:
4 Penn Plaza
Grand Central Station:
42nd and Park Ave
Times Square:
Junction of Broadway & 7th Ave between W42nd - W 47th streets