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What other purpose besides a stool softener can lactulose have?

To help remove ammonia from the body

Define Chronic Disease

Disease that is persistent and long term (years)

"Prolonged in duration, does not often resolve spontaneously and is rarely cured completely"

Define Chronicity

State of being chronic or lasting on a long term basis

What are some of the diseases surging and contributing to the emerging epidemic of chronic disease?



- Stroke

- T2DM

- Kidney Disease

Define Fatal Burden

Quantifies the amount of life lost due to people dying of chronic conditions <<<

What does YLL stand for?

Years of Lives Lost : Is what we use to measure fatal burden

In 2011, what percentage of deaths were causes by chronic diseases?

Approx 90%

What are the top 12 chronic diseases that are killers

- Ischemic Heart Disease

- Stroke

- Arthritis

- Osteoporosis

- Lung Cancer

- Asthma


- Colorectal cancer
- Depression

- Chronic Kidney Disease
- T2DM

- Oral Disease

What chronic diseases are indegenous australians less likely to die from?

Cardiovascular diseases but more likely to die from depression etc