The Importance Of Nursing Implications In Nursing

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Chronic illness is a growing concern that effects a multitude of populations internationally. Since 2012, 117 million people had one or more chronic health condition (CDC, 2016). As a result of these high numbers, over 35 million individual’s died due to their chronic illness that they were living with (WHO, 2005). Research has indicated that people with chronic disease have a likeliness of developing depression, anxiety, and poor quality of life (Al-Gamal, 2014). These factors have a strong influence on an individual’s likelihood of undertaking the initiative to modify their lifestyle. Lifestyle changes are essential for individuals who are living with chronic disease as they will help lower the overall mortality rate of individuals who have …show more content…
The overall development of a young adult is a time of great possibilities yet instability is generally present (Arnett, 2004). This instability subsequently leads to a set of problems for young adults who are recently diagnosed or living with a serious chronic illness (Clark & Fasciano, 2015).
As future nurse, I will provide suitable and ethical care for all individuals who have a chronic illness. Additionally, I believe that I should provide a further focus on providing care that emphasizes on building confidence in a social context and support systems for young adults who are experiencing a chronic illness. Young adults who are newly diagnosed with a chronic disease are faced with many barriers and obstacles. One specific difficulty that they may encounter is with gathering the confidence to enter into new relationship. This later leads to a lack the support systems that help grow their confidence which in turn aids with overall development in young adults. (Lindsay, Macgregor, & Fry, 2014). Building relationships and social supports are a very large part of dealing with a chronic disease as they ease the process of living with the chronic health problem as it reduces the chances of the individual of developing loneliness in their time of need for support.

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