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what is chemical warfare
the employment of chemical agents that are intended for use in military operations to kill, seriously injure, or incapacitate personnel due to their physiological effect
what are the four types of chemical agents
- Nerve Agents.
- Blister Agents.
- Blood Agents.
- Choking Agents.
______ is a liquid casualty agent that disrupt nerve inpulses to the body examples are _________
nerve agents,
sarin(GB), lewisite (L), soman (GD), and VX
distilled mustard, lewisite, phosgene oxime, and levinstein mustard are examples of what kind of agent that causes destruction of tissues results in temporary blindness or death
blister agents
what is a blood agent and what are some examples
Gaseous casualty agents that attack the enzymes carrying oxygen in the blood stream. causes rapid breathing or chokeing due to lake of oxygen in the blood. example s hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, and arsine
what are some symptoms of a choking agent what are some examples.
tears, dry throat, nausea, vomiting, and headache, the victim may feel as if they are drowning, causing breathing to become rapid and shallow. examples are phosgene and diphosgene
what does M9 detector paper detect
liquid chemical agents by turning ted or reddish color
what can be used as specific therapy for nerve agents
atropine, 2-PSM-Chloride auto injector
biological warfare is the use of agents to cause disease, sichness, or death, they are devided into two types of biological agents ____ and ____
pathogens, from bacteria, viruses, fungi, richettsia.
toxins, form mycotoxins, algal toxins, animal venoms and plant toxins.
what type of mask is worn for individual protective equipment
MCU-2P with C-2 canister filter.
what does the IPE for chemical/biological agent environments consist of
- Protective mask MCU-2P with components
- Advanced chemical protective garment
- Chemical protective gloves and liners
- Chemical protective overboots and laces
- Skin decontamination kit
what are the types of nuclear explosion
- High altitude air burst
- Air burst
- Surface Burst
- Shallow underwater burst
- Deep underwater burst
what type of explosion has the worst fallout and why
surface burst due to the fireball touching the surface
what type of explosion causes ionosphere disruptions and emp and were does it take place
high altitude air burst in excess of 100,000 feet.
what type of explosion causes large waveand water contamination
shallow underwater burst
what type of explosion has a fireball that does not reach the surface but creats a vacuum causing severe blast damage
air burst.
what type of explosion yields the greatest contaminated water with less visual effects.
deep underwater burst.
what is a ready-shelter station
just inside the weather envelope access to deep shelter, remain close to battle station
what is deep-shelter station
low in ship near centerline far removed from battle stations.
_______ is a non-self reading high range casualty dosimeter, which has to be placed in a special radiac computer-indicator.
DT-60 dosimeter.
what does MOPP stand for
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
MOPP level 0.
Issue IPE, accessible within five minutes.
MOPP level 1
Afloat. JSLIST, MASK, Gloves readily accessible.
MOPP level 2
Afloat. Mask carried, decon supplies stage.
MOPP level 3
Afloat. GQ, install filters, don over-boots.
MOPP level 4
Afloat. Don mask/hood, gloves, Circle William, countermeasure washdown.