Terrorist Attacks

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Introduction Being prepared during disasters or attacks are imperative to the nation and the safety of the public. Having an emergency plan or procedure in place during strenuous times are vital when it comes to protecting and saving as many lives as possible. Terrorism has been happening around the world domestic and internationally for years. There have been numerous of terrorist attacks in the past years that have affected the nation. Homeland Security has a major responsibility making sure all areas are on one accord to protect the nation during natural disasters and terrorist activities. Several different topics will be discussed throughout the paper as it relates to terrorism, homeland security, social media, resiliency and …show more content…
These common symptoms can be ignored or mistaken for something illnesses. There are agents that can cause infections that can be fatal if contracted. Biological and chemical agents were used years before during war times. During the First World War the German army was the first to have believe used weapons of mass destruction biological and chemical. In these years their attacks were on a small scale with biological weapons during this time due to the lack of technology.
About eight years ago Anthrax was huge scare around the nation. This substance brought great alarm to the United States with anthrax spores were being mailed to different offices and agencies. “The terrorist attacks which took place in Tokyo in 1995 using chemical weapons in the form of sarin, as well as attacks using biological weapons in the form of anthrax sent by mail in the United States after 2001, indicate that if such material fell into the hands of terrorist groups they would certainly use it to carry out an attack.(Lukasiewicz, J.
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strives for when preparing for an emergency or combat. These chemicals or biological agents can be used in many different ways as a biological weapon. Several different treatments may have to be used for a chemical or biological agent if exposed. This will depend on the specific agents used to prepare weapon. Keeping the public informed about these different issues will be helpful when first responders are not able to help when they are in need of immediate help. Information can be located at the state and local health departments and new letters for citizens to take to better inform them of the issues at hand. Having knowledge of different toxins, biological and chemical agents will be very helpful during and emergency

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