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4 methods to describing real estate
1) Metes and bounds
2) Reference to plat map (lot and block)
3) Reference to public document that has a legal description
4) Rectangular (Government) survey (NOT IN NC)
Starts at point of beginning and uses compass measurements called CALLS
Starting point of metes and bounds
POB (Point of Beginning)
Calls (metes and bounds)
Linear measurements and compass directions in metes and bounds system of property description
Monuments (metes and bounds)
Fixed points used to establish real estate boundaries
Recorded plat (lot and block)
Uses lot and block numbers to describe property that is ON FILE with the county (used in urban areas)
Reference to recorded deed
Deed will have a legal description of the property
Surveys (topographic)
Legal descriptions of land (topographic has elevations)
Address (valid?)
NO. Addresses are INFORMAL descriptions of property. Only good for short-term leases