Residential Real Estate Development

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As a self-employed architect I aims to give enough research and detail in order to encourage the developer to decide on a set choice for the property they have recently purchased. This will be done by providing the developer with a number of designs to choose from that will best fit the new estate.
By exploring subjects such as elements and principles of design, as well as the legal responsibilities and existing land in the area. The estate designed will ensure the developer a well fitted property proposal, which will guarantee the new estate a reputation of being a positive community with modern architecture.
The first step in choosing how the developer will use the land is determining whether the property will be used as commercial
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This means the developer may make more money from a commercial estate rather than a residential community.
Another advantage to building a commercial estate is that the lease terms are more flexible due to the fewer protection laws and termination rules etc.
Many of these terms only problem to residential estates.
The pros of deciding on a residential community for the chosen area is that there are less risks as for the safety for others that are on the property. Another positive aspect of using land as a residential property is that most blocks of land are more suitable to a housing area rather than a community complex.


It is obvious that this land contains large amount of potential as either residential or commercial property. While markings for roads are already provided, these will be changed to make the lots larger in size. As the land has many sellable features, including the water, this property would be a very successful investment. Having bush area surrounding one side of the land, this would provide us with an opportunity to expand in the future if required. As the surrounding communities are residential estates that would suggest to us that this area is definitely suitable for residential
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Designing a holiday house must contain a number of features to meet the need of a resident staying in the home. These features include a relaxing view to look at, large amounts of space and an activity provided (usually a pool) and a second story level.
For this estate it has been decided that the holiday houses will be backed up onto the canal. This gives us an opportunity to take advantage of the view and have the house opening up to the view. This open area will include a large pool and deck for entertainment purposes.
This design shows the way to take advantages of space, in this backyard the pool is built around the concrete slab to save space. This also makes the yard look modern and new, which gives a nice view to look through the large glass doors and windows to make the house appear open and natural. While this house is a great representation of the types of houses in the estate it is not very realistic, due safety and other elements that should be taken into

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