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Legal non-conforming use
Legally using property in a way that was made illegal after use began
Grandfather clause also called...
Legal nonconforming use
Change in a zoning plan
Conditional-Use permit
Using a property for the public good in a way it isn't zoned for (like a hospital or a church)
Overlay district
Where a district is subject to multiple zoning restrictions
Spot zoning
Zoning based on a specific property or small set of properties (must be in public good to be legal)
All tracts of land split in to two or more areas
Plat map
Map of the planned development of a subdivision
Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act
People doing interstate land development must register with the HUD
If development contains _ or more lots, _ must be provided.
25 ; property report
Building codes
Construction standards
Building permit
Permit required for building - issued by city official
Certificate of Occupancy
Cert. saying land may be lived in - ILLEGAL to live in a place without a CO
Declaration of restrictive covenants
Restrictions on the use of land in a given area (like neighborhood rules)
Loss of rights based on failure to assert them called:
Legal nonconforming use applies only when someone does not enlarge a building
Legal nonconforming use applies only when someone does not enlarge a building
Deed restrictions
Restrictions on subdivisions put in place by the developer
Who controls issues with zoning?
Zoning board
Who controls disputes between neighbors about property uses?