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What is a MOP?
1.Used to track recruiting efforts each year
2. Used to coordinate prospecting activities
3. OR's are required to maintain a copy in recruiter's binder and make monthly annotations for success, failure, or recscheduling of activity
What are the sections of the MOP?
1. Overview
2. Production Analysis
3. Market Definition
4. Program Calendars
5. Planning Calendars
What is the Motherload/ DUINS List?
1. It is a list that gives you all of the collegiates by school in your area.
2. Needs to be in your CVN College Visit Notebook
3. Use it as a referral source
What are the Collegiate Programs for the Navy Reserve?
1. Chaplain Collegiates
2. HPSP- Health Professionals Scholarship Program
These are all in Ch. 8 of Officer Manual
FAP- Financial Assistance Program
NCP- Nurse Candidate Program
Jag- Judge Advocate General
What are the active duty's collegiate programs?
1.BDCP- Bachelor's Degree Completion Program.
2. CEC- Civil Engineer Corps
3. NUPOC- Nuclear Power Officer Candidate
4. NR- Naval Reactor Engineer
5. NPI- Nuclear Power School Instructor
6. HSCP- Health Services Collegiate Program
These are all in Ch. 8 of Officer Manual
What is ODS and who is required to attend this school?
Officer Development School- 5 weeks Newport RI.

Who attends?
1. Nuclear Power Instructors/ Engineers
2. Cyberwarfare
3. Chaplains
4. CEC-Civil Engineering Corps
5. All Medical-
Medical Corps
Dental Corps
Active Medical Collegiates
Reserve Medical Collegiates
Nurse Corps-Active
What is the OAR and what are the parts of this section of the ASTB?
1. Math
2. Verbal
3. Mechanics/ Physics.
What is required of a CEC Collegiate?
Age 19-29 up to 35 with waiver
Must have a 3.0 GPA with a bachlors or better in technical courses ie Physics/ Calculus
OAR/ 35
4 yr Obligation
OCS- 12 weeks
CECOS-12 weeks
Is an E3 while in school but can advance to E-4 with 1 referral that is picked up and 1 year in program.
Who are IRR collegiates and what are they not entitled to?
(1) Chaplain Candidate Program Officer (CCPO)
(2) Judge Advocate General (JAG)
(3) Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) (4) Nurse Candidate Program (NCP)
(5) Financial Assistance Program (FAP)
They are not required to take PFA and they are not entitled to Tricare Medical or dental benefits
Who are active duty collegiates? What are their responsibilities?
(1) Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program (BDCP)
(2) Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) (CEC Collegiate)
(3) Nuclear Power Officer Candidate (NUPOC)
(4) Naval Reactors Engineer (NRE)
(5) Nuclear Power School Instructor (NPI)
(6) Health Services Collegiate Program (HSCP)

They are considered active duty with benefits but, do not wear uniforms or comply with military grooming standards.
What is the HPSP Obligation and Benefits?
20,000 bonus and 2,088 stipend each month including tution, books, and fees.
Payback is year for year
they attend ODS school (5 weeks)

Usually apply when accepted to med school.(Medical, Dental, Optometry)

*Note: HPSP can be used for some MSC programs but, they do not receive the 20,000 bonus.
What are the requirements of the HSCP program?
They are active duty E6, can be E7 with qualified referral that enlists.
Managed by the NRD
Must do PFA 2 x / year
Partcipate in urinalysis
Require monthly contact from recruiter. At least one face to face per quarter.
What are required of the recruiter for DEP Personnel required contacts?
72 hour Indoc
Minimum 1 per month by phone or face to face
One face to face every 2 mos.
14-30 days prior to shipping recruiter must meet face to face
What is the Dental Student Program?
Must be 42 years old or less and will commission as LT
Must grad. from accredited ADA School
Must be licensed 1 yr after graduation
Obligation is 3yr active 6yrs reserve
They are commissioned in the irr as an 0-1 and superseded to LT. when graduated
Can request bonus and/or LRP but will obligate for more years
What are the OR's responsibilities for IRR collegiates?
Provide contact info of collegiate to PM
Print out copy of Chapter 9 of Cruitman and give to collegiates.
What are Rear Admiral Gays (2 star) Top 3 Priorities?
1.Recruiting Readiness
2. Articulate Expectations
3. Transparency
What are the Force Protection Levels?
Alpha- means small terrorist threat
Bravo- Somewhat predictable terr. threat
Charlie- something has occurred or intel reports terr. activity exists
Delta- Terrorist attack has occurred.
What is an OPE and whats required?
Out of Pocket Expense.
Max 75.00/ month
Claims must be submitted to LSO by the 10th of the month
How many NRD's and how many regions?
There are 26 NRD's
2 Regions- East and West
What are CNRC's Guiding Principals?
1. Mission First
2. Build Trust
3. Learn Constantly
4. Leadership Matters
5. People Always
6. We are the face of the nation.
What is RPMS? Components? Purpose?
Recruiter Production Management System

1.Provide tools to achieve goal
2.Increase production
3.Improve recruiter quality of life
Applog, Pate, Planner
Officer production review (OPR)
NRS Quarterly Visit Checklist
What are the collegiates academic responsibilities?
Maintain GPA
Submit transcripts to NRD 30 days prior to completion of semester
Comply with degree completion plan (DCP)
What is the purpose of the Collegiate Contact Report (NAVCRUIT 1131/39)?
Active Duty collegiate- contact twice per month any method
Face to Face- bimonthly
Chaplains- Face to face quarterly
Reprt any:
Legal, moral, physical, academic issues, address changes, marital or dependency changes.
What is NRC's Mission and Vision?
Mission: To recruit the best men and women for America's Navy to accomplish today's mission and meet tomorrows challenges.
Vision: To be the premiere recruiting force, trained and educated to capitalize on innovation and technology to recruit quality for America's Navy
What is TMS?
Training in Medical Specialty
PSLO's Mentor program-they are commissioned into the reserves
No obligation unless financial incentive accepted
Must drill 2 days/ year with unit
Get fitrep
Go to IRR or resign after training.
Training in hospital is considered drill credit
Who is your Cain of Command?
President- Barack Obama
Secretary of Defense-Leon Panetta
Sec. of Navy- Ray Maybus
Chief of Naval Operations- ADM Greenert
Chief of Naval personnel- VADM Buskirk
Commander NRC- RADM Gay
Commander Region East- Capt. Maguire
CO-CDR Weller
XO-CDR Sharp
OPS- Lt. Jackson
AOPS- LT. White
CMC- MC Gilmore
CNRC West- Capt Booker
What's required for nuclear programs?
Schedule MEPS physical early and have physical uploaded into medwaiv. They need to have their N3M PQ letter with them during their interview.
Also required to take ASTB
Scrolled after RECPRO Y
NUPOC SUB/ Surf 12 wk OCS
NUPOC Inst./Eng- 5 wk ODS
What is the FAP Program and what is required?
Financial Assistance Program
Full Tuition (no upper limit) and allowable Fees if required
Reimbursement for all required books, supplies and equipment (some limits apply)
Monthly Stipend of $2088Full Pay and Allowances of an lieutenant or above (O3) for 14 days per year
$45,000 annual grant
Participants keep all salary paid by the civilian medical/dental training program
Payback- Year for year plus 1 year!!
Who is MPT&E and who do they manage?
Navy Manpower, Personnel, Training, & Education Command

They supervise "IRR" collegiates (HPSP, NCP, FAP)
What is meant when an applicant is Final Selected?
District has 30 days to submit all required info to complete kit.
Once applicant is selected COMDOCS are initiated
What are the NUPOC Pro Docs?
1. Scroll/ CV
2. Copy of Transcripts
3. Academic Completion
4. Nuclear Propulsion Screening (ACT/SAT)
5. Application Checklist
8. SF-86
What is the Pro-Board?
All applicants passing the initial screening by NAVCRUITCOM or Program Manager.
Once applicant is RECPROY or RECPRON information is entered into Cirims.
***Just because an applicant is ProRec Yes does not mean they are in the Navy!!
What programs require Pro Docs?
Chaplain, Medical, Nupoc
Remember to submit scroll with CV and, CCPD for Medical
What do you do if you have an adverse Collegiate Report?
Forward Adverse report to NAVCRUITCOM N315 and N312 via region within 10 working days via your chain of command!!
Adverse DEP Grade reports are sent to N315
How many MSC programs are there? Which ones are DA (active) and DCO (reserve)?
There are a total of 31 MSC programs.
20 are DA (active) PA, Dietician, Social Work etc)
11 DCO (reserve) PT, Podiatrist, Health Care Admin (HCA)
What programs are part of the Information Dominance Corps (IDC)?
METOC- Meteorology/ Oceanic
IW- Information Warfare
Information Professional-IT
What are the parts of the ASTB?
Aviation Selection Test Battery
AOR- Academic Qualification Rating (Range 1-9)
PFAR- Pilot Officer Flight Aptitude Rating (Range 1-9)
FOFAR-Flight Officer Flight Aptitude Rating (Range 1-9)
OAR- Officer Aptitude Rating (Range 1-9) All OCS take this section
What is SEGA?
Submarine Engineering Program
Who is NRD New Orleans Ombudsman?
Mrs. Ruffin
Who is the CMEO at NRD New Orleans?
LSC Smith
Who is NRD New Orleans Security Officer?
XO- CDR Sharp
Who is NRD New Orleans Health Benefits Advisor?
CMC Gimore
Who is NRD New Orleans Financial Counselor?
Chief Maxwell
Who is NRD New Orleans DAPA coordinator?
Chief Fuller
Who is NRD New Orleans MWR representative?
PR1 Bloomer
What is the number that desinates an officer as FTS?
***** 07
What is a CLO?
Campus Liaison Officer
-Senior staff members at colleges/ universities
They help to increase Navy awareness & opportunities
CLO's are 1205 desig. Human resource Navy reserve officers
They are commissioned in the IRR
What is FREIDA?
Website used to help recruiters find Graduate medical programs and residency/ fellowship training programs in their area.
What is the SCROLL process?
Use form 1131/67 and applicats CV send to AOPS.
AOPS send to NRC
Any applicant considered an officer will be scrolled for reserve and active.
HSCP and BDCP do not get scrolled. HPSP and FAP do
What is the difference between DA and DCO?
DA- Direct Assess or active duty Designator ends in 0
DCO- Direct Commissioned Officer or reserve. Designator ends in 5. FTS ends in 7
What are ADVANCE Docs?
Documents submitted early in the process due to long turn around times.
Medical, PRC, Prior Service records requests, Conditional release DD368, Tattoo screening, SF-86, CCPD, Ecclesiatiscal Endorsements for Chaplains
What are the Navy's acceptible Social Media sites?
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, weblog
What is JOApply?
Junior Officer Apply- Used for billet info. for reserves.
How many parts to the ASTB test?
6 Parts
2. Mechanical Comp.
3. Aviation & Nautical Info.
4.Reading Comp.
5. Spacial Apparception
6.. Aviation supplemental
Can an officer withdraw from processing?
Yes- prior to final selection and must have a statement detailing why
What is NOMI and what do they do?
naval operational medicine institute- governs and administers the ASTB. Are responsible for handling and scoring the test.
What collegiates are required to particpate in the command urinalysis?
Active Duty Collegites only
IRR (HPSP, NCP, FAP), Non-Collegiates, & Chaplains do not.
Who completes a DEP audit and how often?
Conducted by the ROPS or OACR.
Done when there is excessive loss or problems, OR turnover
Results kept for 2 years.
What is the 1131.2E?
Officer recruiting Manual
Ch.1- OR leadership and Mgmt.
Ch.2- Basic elig. requirements
Ch.3- Office Programs
Ch 4.- AC & RC Program Processing
Ch 5.- ORPMS
Ch 6.- MOP
CH.7- Forms and Documents
Ch. 8- DEP mgmt.
Ch.9- Collegiate Mgmt
Who approves domicile to duty?
DIVO- written request prior to the date of use.
What OCS designators do not require the ASTB test?
Intelligence and PAO
What is DCOIC and who is required to attend?
Direct Commissioned Officer Indoctrination Course- Reserve DCO School -2 weeks long in RI
What is SEMINAR?
Senior Minority Assistance to Recruiting
Paygrades E6-O6
Get minority orders for 20 days to come back to hometown and assist recruiter with minority recruiting. They meet with influential minority leaders in the community and discuss Navy opportunities
What is OHARP?
Officer Hometown Area Recruiting Program- Outstanding personnel come home to assist recruiting in their hometown.
What are considered the BIG 4 in officer recruiting?
Active Genoff
Reserve Genoff
Active Medical
Reserve Medical
What are the modes of prospecting?
Who at NRD New Orleans manages collegiates?
Carrie Dean
What is the purpose of the MOP?
Create Trend Analysis
What is the Medical Speakers Bureau?
Tool that BUMED provides and funds to support Medical recruiting by providing speakers in a certain field to speak to large groups
Who is considered a Contact?
Someone you have spoken with that is qualified and interested
What is considered an attainment?
An applicant that is commissioned/ sworn into the Navy
What does MOP stand for?
Marketing Operations Plan
Whats is a CMR and when is it due?
Collegiate Manage Report- It is due on :
31 January and 30 June
Who are considered Active Collegiates?
1.BDCP- Baccalareate Degree Completion Program
2. CEC-Civil Engineering Corps
3. NUPOC- Nuclear Power Officer Candidate
4. NRE- Naval Reactors Engineer
5. NPI- Nuclear Power School Instructor
6. HSCP-Health Services Collegiate Program
Who are considered Reserve Collegiates?
1. HPSP- Health Professionals Scholarship Program ( Medical and Dental Corps)
2. MSC (optometry)- medical service corps
3. NCP- Nurse Candidate Program (BSN Nurses)
4. FAP- Financial Assistance Program
5. Jag Students
6. Chaplains
What is the BDCP program and what are the requirements?
Bachelors Degree Completion Program-
Age 18-Designator age limit
Completed a min. of 30 sem. hours/ 45 credit hrs
2.7 gpa
OCS-12 weeks
If with in 24 months in non-technical degree or 36 months of technical degree=not eligible
4 yr obligation
enlists as an E3
Designator will have a #7 at the end.
Can get e4/e5 for referral and deans list
What is the 1140.3?
Field Advertising Manual
What happens if an active collegiate is Academically Dissenrolled?
They could be dissenrolled and transferred to RTC for 24 mos. active service as an E3

BDCP/HSCP failures- will be placed on inactive duty then- all benefits stop
Option is to complete degree at own expense prior to entry into RTC to complete 2 years of service
What is OSMART?
Officer Station Market Analaysis & Review Technique-
What are the components of OSMART?
Territory map
Goaling Letter (kept 2 yrs)
Collegiate Status Board
What do the colors of the dots and stars represent on the Territory map?
Yellow-AD Genoff
Blue- Reserve Genoff
Red -Active Medical
Green-Reserve Medical

Red- NRS
Blue- Residency Training hospital
Green- 2yr college
Gold- 4 yr College (N-Navy ROTC)
Silver- NOSC
What are the sections of the Campus Data Notebook?
1. Contact Data-IRR lists, Faculty, selres roster etc)
2. Quarterly Checklists/ Post prosepecting Reports
3. Other Info- Map of campus, clubs, etc.
How often is the OR required to visit Priority 1, 2, & 3 schools?
1. Priority 1- Monthly
2. Prior. 2- Quarterly
3. Prior. 3- Annually
What is a PSLO?
Professional School Liaison Officer- They usually hols a faculty or administration position in a medical, dental, or nursing school etc.
What is an IST and who manages them?
Interservice Transfer- PERS 911 manages them
What is a RAD and what are the types of RADs?
Recruiting Aid Devices
1. lead generating
2. fulfillment items
3. Sales Closing
4. Transition Items
5. Awareness items
What is CNRC's Officer Mission?
To assess all OCS, ODS, DCO and Navet officers as well as affiliate all ROTC and Naval Academy shortfalls
Whats does ORD Pro mean?
officer application has been sent to board the date is entered on OR applicant log
What is the 1740.2?
Command Indoctrination Requirments.
Who is required to take the LSAT?
Jag Officers
Who is considered an applicant?
When a officer applicant's package has been sent to NRC awaiting board
What sections comprise the Area Visit Notebook?
Section 1- Contact Data, Target Market Centers, COI Roster
Section 2- Post Prospecting Reports
What instruction is the 1500.4P?
Command Training Instruction
What instruction is the 1430.7C?
RCAP Instruction
What instruction is the 5400.2E?
CANREC Instruction
Whats is the time in months for a Pilot ae waiver?
24 Months
When is a person considered a Prospect
When you have started paperwork on the individual
What is the DAT?
Direct Assess Dentist Test- used to test for dental school admission
What is MAVNI?
Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest
Pilots & Healthcare
Can a Foreign Medical School graduate commission in the Navy?
Must contact NAVCRUITCOM Program Manager regarding accredidation or reciprocal agreements
What is the RFAS code ?
Code used to determine billets for officer.
Reserve Functional and Sex (RFAS) Codes
a. Designator
b. Rank
c. Rank Substitution
d. Designator & NOBC (Navy Officer Billet Classification) Substitutions
e. Sex
f. Funded & Not Funded