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First sub?

USS Turtle

David Bushell


When did congress first authorized ships to be built and what are they?


13 Frigates/6 Merchant vessel converted

What was US fort flag ship?

USS Alfred

(First hoisted the flag of freedom by Jonh Paul Jones)

Who was Americas first commander in chief?

Esek Hopkins

During the revolutionary war who led three ships against a British convoy and captured 11 ships under the cover of fog?

Abraham Whipple

During the Rev war who while skipper of the Uss Ranger attacked White Haven England?

John Paul Jones

"We have not begun to fight"

During Rev war while in command of Uss Bonhomme Richard who fought the HMS Serapis?

John Paul Jones

How many vessels did the British lose in the Rev war?


Who raided Tripoli harbor on Feb 16 1804?

Stephen Decature

To burn the captures Uss Philadelphia

During war of 1812 who defeated the British on the Lake Erie?

Captain Oliver Hazard Perry

"We have met our enemy and they are ours"

Who built the first steam warship?

Robert Fulton

What was the first steam warship?

Uss Demologos

Later rechristen Uss Fulton

Navy first shop of the line?

Uss Independent

Navy's first iron hull ship?

Uss Michigan


Who is the father of the steam Navy?

Commander Mathew Perry

Navy's first modern successful steamship with a propeller ?

Uss Princeton

Who visited the South Pole in Jan 1848 proving it was a continent?

Lt Charles Wikes

What was the Mosquito fleet?

War with Mexico

(Provided protection during Americas first large scale amphibious assault at Vera cruz)

Who signed a treaty with Japan on March 31,1854 allowing traded?

Commodore Mathew Perry

What was the Css Virginia?

Originally Uss Merrimack, confederate ironclad ship.

What was the Uss Monitor?

Union ironclad ship, first torrent


What was the first successful sub attack?

Css Hunley commanded by Lt Dixon sank he houatanicc as well as itself.

What was the Uss George Washington Part Curtis?

Americas first aircraft carrier.

"A ballon boat"

What happened on August 5th 1864?

Battle of Mobile bay .David Farragut ( Navy's first admiral) victory closed south's most important port.

" Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead "

Simon Lake

What was the last U.S. Ship outfitted with sails?

Uss Newark

Who discovered periscope?

Simone Lake

Navy's first torpedo Boat?

Uss Cushing

What was remember the Maine?

Uss Maine exposed in Havana Harbor Cuba Feb 15 1898.

First 2 sub fitted with Diesel engines?

Uss skipjack/Uss Sturgeon

Navy's first battleships "second class"

Uss Texas /Uss Maine

Navy's first battleship "fist class"

Uss Indiana

First battleship with 16 guns?

Uss Colorado

Who was the first officer in aviation?

Captain Washington Iving Chambers

Who successfully landed a bi-plane on the Uss Pennsylvania?

Eugene Ely