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Prior to restoring electrial power ___________ to prevent equipment damage
Ensure all applicable equipment is deenergized.
What station dons harness and helmet with visor down and jettisons all classified material?
Station 8.
In accordance with NATOPS, where is the EDDK supposed to be stowed?
Aft of the sonobuoy stowage rack.
What strap do you remove when opening the EDDK in flight?
vertical retaining strap
The main execution of emergency procedures is the responsibility of the _____?
Which of the following is not a duty of crew station 7 during emergency destruct procedures?
A) Setup shredder in galley
B) Assist IFT with destruction
C) Destroy CRYPTO booklets
D) Purge memory on tactical computer
D. Purge memory on tactical computer.
For the PRC-149 the operator should first acquire _______ prior to transmitting on the triple frequency beacon mode of the 406 beacon mode.
the satellites in GPS mode.
_______ GBYTE DADSs may be used for all three variations of USQ-78B.
The purpose of the USQ-78A Data Flow Processor upgrade is to perform _____________.
EER processing
If the high temp alarm indicator illuminates on the ASCL receiver-control indicator the equipment will shut down automatically within _____ if the fault is not corrected.
1 minute.
The airborne operational program (AOP) is a ______ program that is initally loaded into the ________.
software, system controller
While conducting ______ missions, both ALR-95 (V) audio control units at the acoustic station should be off to prevent potential audio interference.
The _____ in the AU transmits control and sonic commands to the sonobouy via the CASS transmitter.
Command Signal Generator
The AIMS turret shall be in the retracted position for taxiing, taking off or landing. This is a ______.
Flight personnel should not be scheduled for continuous alert and/or flight duty (required awake) in excess of _____ .
18 hours
If sulphur dioxide gas (SO2) venting is suspected, execute the smoke and fume elimination procedure and dispose of venting sonobuoy in a safe area _______.
through the free fall chute without the lner.
During some conditions, hot air from the heat exchanger may enter the air multiplier inlet, causing the air multiplier temperature sensing switch to automatically terminate ground air conditioning. To reactivate ground air you must?
Cycle ground air condition switch to off to back to on.
Which of the following are to be removed before starting the APU, IAW NATOPS?
Cabin exhaust plug, AOA probe, TAS and Pitot covers.
The _______, in calculating a slope value uses a time associated withthe cursor center and the hook position.
Slope Cursor
Continuous ping mode has a ping rate of ____ to ____ seconds.
3, 63
Which one of these signals is not sent to the DICASS, EER and IEER sonobouys from the ASU?
A) Start Ping
B) Release Charge
C) Change Beam Pattern
D) Scuttle
C) Change Beam Patytern
AOB and _____ Data are not transferred to the Tactical Computer. ICSA must be used to inform the TACCO of the results.
CPA predict.
The maxiumum number of frequency lines definted int he system for contact criterias' is ____.
On the 78B system, every ____ seconds, the SC sends date for all tuned RF's to the ADR's.