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Gm + stain?
Gm - stain?
MIC definition?
lowest drug concentration that prevents microbial growth in 24 h
Minimum bactericidal concentration?
lowest drug concentration that reduces bacterial density by 99.9% in 24h
Facts to consider when selecting a drug regimen?
Site of infection
Severity of disease
Patient characteristics (age, renal function, liver function, allergies, pregnancy, etc)
Spectrum of drug activity
Etiology of infection
Monitoring for Abx therapy effectiveness
WBC, procal, esr, crp, fever, radiological findings, pain/inflammation, reduction in s/sx
MOA of aminoglycosides?
inhibit protein synthesis by binding the 30s subunit of the ribosome
AG are concentration dependent or time dependent killing?
dependent; have post antibiotic effect
What is post antibiotic effect?
continued suppression of growth when concentration is below MIC
AGs blackbox warning?
neurotoxicity (vertigo, ataxia) and nephrotoxicity
AGs spectrum?
mainly against gram - bacteria but can be used in synergy against staph and enterococcus
Which AG has the broadest spectrum?
How are AGs dosed?
IBW unless ABW is less; use adj is ABW is >30% of IBW
AG monitoring?
peak/trough if conventional dosing, trough if extended interval. collect peak serum level (PSL) exactly 1 hr after start of infusion of 3rd dose (MDD)
AG pregnancy category?
Neomycin dosing?
prophylaxis GI surgery = 1g po tid w/ erythro
hepatic coma= 4-12g per day po
Gentamicin/tobramycin multiple daily dosing/conventional dosing?
2mg per kg load then 1.7mg per kg q8h
Peak 4-10mcg/ml and trough 1-2mcg/ml
Gentamicin/tobramycin once daily dosing?
5.1mg per kg q24h (7mg/kg if critically ill)
peak - 16-24mcg/ml & trough <1mcg/ml
Amikacin multiple daily dosing?
7.5mg per kg q12
peak 15-30mcg/ml & trough 5-10mcg/ml
Amikacin once daily dosing?
15mg/kg q 24h
peak 56-64mcg/ml & trough <1mcg/ml
beta-lactams inhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis by binding to penicillin binding proteins (PBPs) which prevents the final transpepidation step of peptidoglycan synthesis in bacterial cell walls
PCN concentration dependent or time dependent killing?
time dependent
AG bacteriostatic or bactericidal?
PCN bacteriostatic or bacteriocidal?